[NA] [A] [PVE] Grievance wants you for WoW Classic! [PAGLE]


We always like to see old members coming back to us!

(Creedess) #13

Thats going to be an aspect hard to control. I agree that a healthy population is important, but Grievance is about having fun and helping out your fellow players. The population will sort itself after the game settles a bit. :slight_smile:


Creedess I sent you a bnet invite. Interested in the guild for classic. Haxxum is my bnet name.


I joined in RIFT as well! Good times! Come and hang with us!

(Creedess) #16

Ill catch you later today when i get home. Work is crazy atm. :slight_smile:


Sweet, looking forward to it. (Eclipse)


Can’t wait to jump back in with Grievance


Oh hey! I totally forgot I joined you guys around 5 years ago for Wildstar!
I’m gunna be going Horde though, but may see you guys around!

(Àrwén) #20

Horde side as well! :slight_smile:

Ill be playing! :slight_smile:

(Àrwén) #21

What side did you play in Wildstar. I helped launch the Exile guild for Grievance. :slight_smile:


Oh jeez, I don’t even remember lol, I only got to half way to max or so but was a fun time.

(Àrwén) #23

Yeah same. Always end up back in WoW. Anyway. If you needed a guild we will be on Horde side as well.



Sounds good! May have to take you up on that offer, I’m probably gunna be prioritizing finding a PVE server that’s medium-high population with a good horde-alli ratio, but I’ll keep you guys in mind!

(Àrwén) #25

Yeah, servers will be tough but I am assuming there will not be many PvE realms.

Good luck!!


Ya totally, I don’t want to be stuck on a low population server with very little auctions or people to dungeon/raid with.

Best of luck to ya too!

(Creedess) #27

Servers are a big topic tight now. Blizzard really should have given us at least a hint of what their plans were on this.

We will carefully pick a suitable home for us when we see the realm list.

(Àrwén) #28

Hopefully they announce soon! :slight_smile:


Hello! USAF vet here. My MMO experience includes DCUO, FF14, BDO, ESO and currently retail WoW. Im interested im joining your guild and filling the social void left behind when I stopped playing DCUO with my old guild.

(Creedess) #30

Hello lindiwe. Give me a shout on discord for more info if you want. :slight_smile:


I joined Grievance almost 5 years ago for the launch of ArcheAge. I have to say, having 600-800 people doing trade pack runs was amazing. Those were fun times. Now it’s time to reminisce in another great game, Classic WoW!

I look forward to joining those of you who will be playing Alliance and can’t wait to get started!