[NA] [A] [PVE] Grievance wants you for WoW Classic! [PAGLE]


Great to hear, I am definitely interested in joining your ranks then! Whats the first step?


Grievance is growing, and we look forward to raiding soon. Come join us! (Raiding is not required at all) :slight_smile:

(Creedess) #137

@Leonheart and @Beastbrew

You guys go to www,grievancegaming,com and register up for us. You can friend me on discord also: Creed#6349
Looking forward to meeting you.

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Looking forward to adding more folks to our family. Great times ahead folks.


If a helpful friendly guild is what you’re looking for then look no further!


Leveling in Classic is way more fun with friends!

Join us and work your way through Azeroth to level 60, and then join us as we raid our way through the best content in Azeroth!


What time are you guys looking to raid in Classic WoW?


When we get to the point that we are able to raid, we will be raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 11pm EST. As for when we expect to be raiding, will depend on when we have sufficient members at the appropriate levels.


Very helpful group of people. Been in the FF14 guild for a while and WoW-A has been very welcoming.


If youre a family oriented person who likes to casually experience gaming as a whole, and if youre a wow classic fan then join us.

Go to grievancegaming dot com and register up. :smile:


The best guild to experience WOW classic. You couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch.


I’ve been with Grievance for over a week now and couldn’t be happier to have joined such a great group of people for classic!


Glad to hear that you have enjoyed our guild. It only gets better! Let me know if you need anything! We are always willing to help our members in anyway we can!


Come join the best family oriented guild out there. We are getting ready to hit the raids and anything else we can think of. Be a part of our growing family with no pressure at all. Real life is always first.


Just thought I would stop in and bump this thread because I really want you to see our post so that our posting doesnt fall into oblivion. I would hate for anyone to not get a chance to see what we are about!


Grievance is the most helpful guild I’ve ever been a part of! Great, fun and friendly people!


Amazing guild. Its been a blast so far.


When you join Grievance, what do we expect of you? To have fun. Should gaming feel like a full-time job? Only if that’s what you want. Do I have to be focused on end game raiding to be a part of Grievance? Not at all. Grievance is a family oriented guild that focuses on everyone being able to enjoy whatever game they are playing however they desire. It relies on it’s members enjoying themselves so they have a place to call home.

I can’t stress this enough, but Grievance is home to some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I’ve just recently hit my 5 year member mark after joining for the launch of ArcheAge. Since then, I have delved into Black Desert Online and Elder Scrolls Online and just recently WoW Classic. Every game has been an awesome experience because we focus on real life first, gaming second.


So we were in BRD last night and I had to go get my son from work. Im gone all of 15 mins and when I sit down I notice that the arms warrior is all “Oh look, Im dancing again! Hope your friends are enjoying the show!”, the rogue is laughing, the tank is afk, and the mage is dead. Join us so I can tell you the full story.


Im about to hit 31. Still a long way to go but still enjoying the journey. Come join us at Grievance and enjoy the journey with us.