N’Zoth Quest

(Neocleo) #3

Kill Naga around the Elite Naga WQ.

(Vixie) #4

But finish the naga quest before turning in your medallion if you want the manapearl or whatever reward. That WQ will disappear when you start your new quest.

(Jatarri) #5

Was wondering myself. I guess I have a reason to do the world quest

(Galevin) #6

Thank you all! This really helped!


Oh yeah you can keep the gift or get it cleansed off of you. I did the chain on my mage and decided to keep it. I just didnt take the quest that wanted me to go see a priest lol!

Now i have an eyeball headband type look going on


I’m keeping mine too. :slight_smile:

(Pärker) #9

Honestly making something related to the main plot on an entirely, otherwise hidden and optional quest seems kind of silly. The rest of the quests were handed to us. I get that the N’zoth stuff is B-plot at the moment but we’re fighting Azshara in 8.2. There was some major lore developments going on this quest line, even though it was brief.

Y’all should have just handed out the quest like the rest.

(Shelldin) #10

I prefer the idea of our character just happening to find it. Now I wouldn’t want all the quests handled this way but it adds a bit to the explorative nature of mmos

Though they probably could have made the naga wq markers different looking like green or purple instead of blue to give players a clue that they’re unique


Or… maybe it’s fun to have to actually discover something instead of just having everything handed to us?

I had read about the quest but was also unsure, one simple question in chat (and several ignore clicks later) and the answer was there.

(Dreadmoon) #12

It also occurs in Zuldazar to the south east coast where I got my quest start.

(Plainswander) #13

Any chance we can have the eyeball head be applicable as a T-Mog after BFA so we can, um…y’know…


ahem Sorry. Don’t know why I said that.
But yeah. Eyeball head is for seeing fun times. All fun times, all eyeball hed.


(Chosen) #14

I mean it would be rude not to after NZoth went to all that trouble.

Azerite madness is no excuse for Azerite rudeness.


Don’t accept!

I’m not turning into no naga :face_with_monocle:


how long is this suppose to take? Been killing nagas for 30 min and still no medalion?


I did it on 5 characters and got it in the first set of mobs, duplicates in most cases as well.

(Kneeshooter) #18

Having it tie into Naga was a story link and I like that. They hand us so much now without any effort, a little story development like this is a good thing for the health of the expansion imo.

(Lacryma) #19

Good man. :eye:


Is there any benefit to keeping the eyeball headband other than for cosmetic reasons?

I found it odd that a quest asked for confirmation before completing it. So I decided to keep it. But what are the consequences of keeping it, or not. other than having an eyeball headband or not?

(Sniperorc) #23

Well, it makes you look like a carnie at Darkmoon Faire. You’ll get to find out whether they’re just a benign-seeming front for the sinister Old Ones they get employee discounts.

(Conorn) #24

Infection, confirmed!

Commencing Decontamination Proceedures. Please remain still as the Runeblade approaches you.