[N-RP] The Coterie - Community, Crime, Trade, Mercenary

“It is the right of all mortals to walk the path they believe best for themselves without interference from powers based in the hands of mortal beings.” With this in mind, The Coterie was created to foster collaboration, and camaraderie between those that reject the status quo. Those who seek to make their fortune even in the face of the increasing stranglehold of the various governments of Azeroth.

Our aim is not to create a monolithic entity, as the perspectives and objectives of those who align with us are far too diverse. Instead, our objective is to establish a collective that operates on the basis of collaboration and coordinated actions. This will empower constituent groups to offer assistance to one another, while also receiving assistance when needed.

Coterie as a community is dedicated to those who don’t align with the various larger factions of Azeroth. Those hold lose loyalty to the two factions, who loyalty is first and foremost to themselves. Criminals, Mercenaries, and anything else that might find its place among those

https:// discord.gg/gwQCmnBWN6

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