[N-RP] The Argent Advance needs YOU for the Argent Crusade!

Instead of heading to the Wanderer’s World Market, Cdr. Mirchea found himself put partially in charge of Orgrimmar’s defense alongside several others, such as General Krok’Thar, Spymaster Dieselle, and Chieftain Algrubel, working in shifts to establish a safe staging area to evacuate civilians from the city. Additionally orders were received from Argent High Command - they’re to remain in place and assist the city and surrounding areas as able.

Kuepa Ridgemane suffered several injuries but thankfully was swiftly seen to by healers within the Barracks, where the defenders had established a refuge. During the defense it was noted that the ghouls seem to being directed, as they seemed to identify weaknesses in the defense, coordinate amongst themselves and then take advantage.


Ergot Part 3 - Cultist Comeuppance will take place this Sunday, November 22nd, at 8:00PM ST . We will be meeting up in Brackenwall Village, Dustwallow Marsh and utilizing the Conquest D20 system - guidance will be provided on how it works once we are all gathered and the IC briefing has taken place, if you are unfamiliar.

This event is open to the public and you do not have to have attended the last two Ergot events to take part in this one (or any Ergot events that may follow).

This is an investigative and combat event. Be there or be a stinky square!


Starting in 15 minutes!

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Ergot is now concluded! Thank you Dieselle for helping me DM and for coming up with the tidbits of intel folks can use with their guilds and friends!

This campaign was actually the first time I ever DM’d by myself. Ergot Part 2 was the first time I’d ever DM’d combat, and 20 people showed up! We consistently had 10-12 people at least show up to these events, and for one of them we had almost 25 people. They weren’t all the same faces, either! We had folks who were new to me, people brought alts and developed them, and Captain Athelar learned that the Horde is a buncha murderhobos (nothing wrong with that, it can definitely be fun).

I tried to also use this as a chance to showcase other people in the community who wanted to take a shot at DMing! Krok’thar, Athelar and Dieselle, I think you all did really well (even though I sometimes dropped the ball, sorry ;_; ) and I really hope you guys decide to run events of your own in the future - hopefully public ones so I can hop on up in there!

Thank you all for coming to Ergot and we hope you all enjoy Shadowlands! We might have more things in the pipeline. >:D They’ll be posted here.

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Are there any classes you do not take?


Nope, all classes welcome.

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Friend requests sent. Need to talk to someone.


Both my officers and I haven’t received any friend requests on Discord! If you like, you can send me a request on B.net! My tag is: Mirchea#1510

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The Argent Advance will be participating in [H-RP Event] For the Hungry! on the 22nd and we’ll be bringing arm-wrestling and delicious food!

Drink: Hearthglen Ambrosia
Food 1: Crispy Bat Wings
Food 2: Hot Lion Chops
Food 3: Chicken Soup

We’ll be the dorks with the Argent banners. Can’t miss us. :smiley:


For the Hungry was fun and a success! We also had a little holiday get-together for the guild and some friends the week prior, and next week we’ll be starting our first guild-only campaign, learning how to work together as a unit. We’ve had a good handful of new recruits joining us and I look forward to seeing what awesome contributions they can bring to our story.

We’re also looking into a simple D20 system that will make things fun and balanced but not leave new recruits in the dust of the more established folks over time. If anyone has any suggestions for that, we’re all ears!


Thanks for having me!


:smiley: We’re happy to have you!

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Goodness gracious it’s been a hot minute since we’ve updated this thread! The Advance have been busy bees, conducting training, participating in a siege, building an airship, generally being good ambassadors. How’s about a little update?

The Siege of Corin's Crossing
Summary (This campaign was precluded by a Argent Bulwark exclusive series of events.)

With Light’s Shield Tower liberated, forces of the Argent Crusade must now begin to tackle the threat of Corin’s Crossing. The town has become a bastion of Scourge resistance in recent months, and the undead within have been working hard to fortify their positions. The nearly two or three dozen houses that still stood within the city were reinforced with new materials and supplies the Scourge had brought up from their fortified positions in the Plaguewood.

Reinforced with new supplies, one hundred necromancers, and around two thousand new Scourge soldiers, to reinforce the two hundred Scourge within the town, they were well prepared for the worst. Large ditches were dug on the edge of town, from all angles. Barricades were built, and holes were made in walls, and buildings to provide spellcasters and archers vantage points.

Led by Shadow Walker Lillian Peddle, the Scourge intend to put up a fight that makes the Argents bleed to truly recapture the city.

Realizing they would need help, the Argent Bulwark sent Sir Daviel Lightblade to seek out Commander Mirchea Kul’Therin to seek out assistance. The Commander readily agreed, and soon the Advance was on its way to joining the Bulwark in sieging the Scourge holed up in the town.

Deployment (02 FEB 2021) As scheduled, the Argent Advance and the Argent Bulwark met up in Light's Hope for their briefing. Lord Commander Lantos Swiftsong advised them of the situation - that a rogue Knight named Belric Legost is leading a break-away from the Cult of the Damned that calls itself the Order of Dusk. One of his lieutenants, another rogue knight named Jon Reynolds, is leading the 2,000+ strong host of Scourge here in Corin's Crossing.

Our objective? Retake the city, inch by inch, foot by bloody foot, quarter by quarter and put Jon Reynolds down for good. But it won’t be easy. As the combined forces moved from Light’s Hope to Light’s Shield Tower, they learned that a group of a hundred and fifty Argent Crusaders had been assigned to this task alongside their own units, as well as a mortar team pounding the town with suppressive fire from Light’s Shield. After a brief interlude at the tower where gear was checked, bellies filled and wet socks changed, the groups headed out and then split, with the Bulwark taking Camp C and the Advance taking Camp B. Fortifications were established and the lot entrenched themselves for the foreseeable future, nervous for what it might hold.

Missing Argent Patrol (04 FEB 2021) An Argent patrol, leaving Light's Hope Chapel and set to arrive at Eastwall Tower, did not arrive at their destination and missed two check ins, denoting the need for a search mission. Captain Valaryon and Commander Kultherin were briefed by Argent Command and mustered the Advance to respond, with the addition of Daviel Lightblade from the Bulwark.

Sergeant Major Warthirst got the troops organized and Captain Valaryon briefed them before departing, warning that due to the current situation in the Eastern Plaguelands, they were likely to be met by enemy forces.

Leaving from the northern gate, the Argents spotted a body tucked into the brush not far off the road. This was one of the patrolmen. His body was secured on Captain Valaryon’s mount and the Argents followed his tracks to Browman Mill. Here, the Argents identified another body, and after having checked for traps, they recognized that this patrolman had crawled, wounded, from the pass leading to the Noxious Glade before succumbing to his injuries.

The Argents organized themselves into a vanguard and rearguard and proceeded up the pass, finding it deserted. The Glade, likewise, appeared abandoned until the silence was broken by a mortal’s anguished scream coming from one of two ziggurats.

Sergeant Major Warthirst led a team to the ziggurat while Captain Valaryon secured the pass for exfil. Upon finding hostile forces inside, the rearguard was called up to secure the ziggurat entrance as Warthirst’s team entered and engaged the enemy.

The Cultists inside were in the middle of a profane ritual, disemboweling one of the patrolmen when the Argents engaged. During the melee, Crusaders Rockhorn, Selastrian, and Lightblade freed and carried the surviving patrolmen to safety.

One of the patrolmen stated, in his delirium, that the others were in the other ziggurat.

Time became an issue, and Captain Valaryon led a smaller team from the rearguard to the second, larger ziggurat as Warthirst’s team finished the fight with the Cultists. On entering, the Argents discovered tables covered with blood and gore, but no patrolmen. A voice then taunted them before a massive stone door closed on them, trapping them inside.

Two massive abominations, freshly made and bearing signs that they had been crafted from the remaining patrolmen, engaged the Argents. In an amazing feat of strength, Indamitable managed to lift the stone door high enough for the Argents to escape. Koumorie reinforced the door with ice, but the abominations began smashing at it promptly.

The Argents regrouped in the Glade, the surviving patrolmen stabilized by Crusader Aubade and made ready to depart. The two abominations broke free and, knowing Aubade would require time to get the survivors down the pass, commanded the Argent forces to attack.

The fighting was fierce, some of the Crusaders sustaining life threatening injuries. Captain Valaryon ordered Sergeant Major Warthirst and others to withdraw with the wounded. Then, warning the others to shield their eyes, Valaryon, Drezziri, and Lightblade called on the holy light to temporarily blind the abominations, providing the Argents the cover they needed for a full retreat.

As the crusaders reached the pass, Captain Valaryon called in mortar strikes on thr abominations as they recovered and gave chase. Three salvos were fired from Light’s Shield with the assistance of Commander Kultherin. Due to his proximity to the abominations as he called in the blasts, Captain Valaryon took shrapnel damage but walked back down the pass with Crusader Rockhorn in her bear form.

The Crusaders regrouped at Browman Mill, stabilized the wounded, and proceeded back to Light’s Hope Chapel.

Upon reaching Light’s Hope, Sergeant Major Warthirst and Crusader Aubade began heroic lifesaving measures to mend the wounded.

Foray into No Man's Land (05 FEB 2021) The Argent Advance responded to the call from the Argent Bulwark at Siege Camp C to engage in a stealth mission into the no man's land surrounding the military district of Corin's Crossing.

Lord Commander Swiftsong brief the crusaders about the mission before gearing up with procured explosives. The crusaders proceeded out of Siege Camp into the wilderness to the south east of Corin’s Crossing, moving along the lakeside. Swiftsong called for volunteers to scout forward, Captain Valaryon and Crusader Jin-Mo responded.

Jin-Mo proceeded forwards without difficulty, but Valaryon - encumbered by his plate and the soft, muddy ground - was not as successful and the Scourge were alerted to their presence. Jin-Mo and Valaryon split up, with Jin-Mo heading back towards the main group, but the Scourge began moving in her direction.

At this point, Captain Valaryon began making noise to draw the Scourge to him. It worked and the Scourge left Jin-Mo, following Valaryon as he led them away from the group. The Captain issued a direct order for the team to complete the mission as he led the Scourge further into the wilderness.

The main force proceeded towards the military district of Corin’s Crossing to carry out their mission of placing and arming the explosives provided by Lord Commander Swiftsong.

Captain Valaryon became surrounded by three Scourged skeletons. He drew his weapon and faced off against them, alone. The Captain sustained minor injuries from the skeletons before consuming one in a pillar of holy flame and smashing the skull of another with his warmaul.

By this point, Crusaders Aubade, Bran’ath, and Indamitable had broken off the main force to provide aid to the Captain. The last skeleton veered off from the enraged Captain and attacked Bran’ath in it’s escape. And then Indamitable, in his innocence, came up and bearhugged Bran’ath, crushing the last Scourged skeleton between them.

With the danger over and the Captain secured, the crusaders moved off to join up with the main force, whom were setting the last of the explosives. Indi, unaware of the need for stealth, happily greeted their allies before Captain Valaryon told Indi they needed to play the “quiet game”, which Indi played perfectly.

With the explosives set, the Argents withdrew from Corin’s Crossing. Lord Commander Swiftsong ordered Light’s Shield to begin shelling the town to cover the Argent’s withdrawal to safety, and then the explosives were set off, blasting holes in the defenses of the military district, creating opportunities for future Argent incursions.

Someone's Been Eating My Porridge (07 FEB 2021) The Argent Advance was made aware that the food stores for their siege camp had been ransacked.

Tracks were identified by Crusader Rockhorn and Captain Valaryon, head in opposite directions. The crusaders elected to follow the tracks north. After a ways, they came under attack by a swarm of plaguebats native to the area but were fought off.

Continuing on the trail, the crusaders began to notice blood and ichor in the snow as they followed what appeared to be bear tracks. The crusaders came to a halt when the sound of beastial fighting was heard in the distance.

Crusader Jin-Mo took up an overwatch position while the crusaders set a perimeter. Being unable to adequately see the event taking place, Captain Valaryon ventured further inwards, taking position in an outcropping above. There, he identified to the crusaders that the bear was infact scourged plagued and was being attacked by a pack of plaguehounds.

He opted to watch the event play out, but the plaguebear fled and began charging the crusader’s position. Fearing that his crusaders would be overrun, Captain Valaryon called in a series of mortar blasts from Light’s Shield Tower over the dedicated comms. A pair of plaguehounds broke off from pursuing the bear and assaulted Valaryon’s position as he called in the blasts.

The plaguebear survived the mortar shelling, though the plaguehounds were destroyed. The crusaders engaged in battle with the bear, subduing it, while Valaryon fought off the plaguehounds that had attacked his position, killing them, but sustaining serious injuries resulting in the loss of his eye.

The Advance returned to camp with the plaguebear’s body for autopsy to assist in asserting whether there was a risk of contamination of the food stores.

Military District Siege Pt. I (09 FEB 2021) Crusaders from the Argent Advance and Argent Bulwark were called by Lord Commander Swiftsong and briefed on the impending siege on the military district of Corin's Crossing. Charging Daviel Lightblade and Captain Athelar Valaryon with leadership over the companion regiments, the crusaders were informed that the Argent Crusade would be hammering the district with artillery fire prior to the ground invasion.

As they were being briefed, the Crusade began firing on the city with mortars and gnomish repeating rifles.

Earlier in the week, a team had performed a stealth mission to plant explosives in the military district and weaken the defenses, allowing the crusaders to take advantage and enter the district without taking heavy fire.

The crusaders engaged with the enemy on the streets, battling waves of scourged skeletal and ghouled combatants before establishing and fortifying a foothold in the district.

Residential District Siege Pt. I (10 FEB 2021) With a foothold established in the military district, the Advance was tasked with invading and fortifying their own foothold in the residential district of Corin's Crossing, forcing the Scourge forces in the city to split their defenders between the multi-pronged attack.

Captain Valaryon coordinated the assault with Sergeant Major Warthirst and elements of the Argent Crusade artillery service. The residential district was shelled by mortar fire before the Advance charged into the district.

They were met with heavy resistance, fighting down waves of skeletal warriors and abominations. The Argent artillery, along with the mage Arathyr Valaryon, adjusted their position and began firing on the back lines of the Scourge to assist the embattled crusaders.

At one stage in the battle, Crusader Jin-Mo was gravely injured, necessitating the need for Arathyr to blink into the battle and bring the pandaren sniper to Crusader Aubade for emergency medical assistance. Arathyr then returned to the artillery team and continued the bombardment.

As the Advance was beginning to overtake the defenders, a Scourge Meat Wagon arrived at the backlines and fired upon the Argent artillery, obliterating their position. It was later learned that Arathyr survived the blast, but the other Argents were infected and ghouled, attacking the Advance’s rear.

Fighting a battle on two fronts, the Advance put to rest their scourged Argent brothers and then in a joint effort destroyed the Meat Wagon.

The Argent Crusaders from Light’s Hope that accompanied the Advance in the assault suffered moderate to heavy losses and the Advance medical team worked heroically to save those gravely wounded. The Advance established and fortified their foothold in the residential district, ready to push in further and take control of Corin’s Crossing in conjunction with the Bulwark forces.

Residential District Siege Pt. II (14 FEB 2021) After establishing their foothold in the Residential District of Corin's Crossing, Captain Valaryon ordered several scout units to survey the district to ascertain the enemy's position in order to successfully engage and root out the enemy forces. The scouts had identified that there seemed to be a Slaughterhouse nearby, churning out fresh abominations to reinforce the Scourge's defenses.

In the middle of Captain Valaryon’s briefing of the Advance and Bulwark Crusaders, the foothold came under attack by a contingent of Scourge Meat Wagons. The Captain ordered the crusaders to carry out a Search & Destroy mission, stating that the scouting missions indicated the Slaughterhouse to be somewhere on the eastern edge of the district.

Under Commander Kul’therin-Soltair’s leadership, the crusaders set out from the foothold as Captain Valaryon commanded the artillery units against the Scourge assault.

The crusaders reached the eastern edge of the district without issue, identifying a dilapidated farmhouse. While part of the regiment under direction of Sergeant Major Warthirst established a perimeter around the farmhouse, others entered inside - unfortunately engaging a tripwire trap, catching Commander Kul’therin in an explosion. While the Commander was being healed, the crusaders continued inside. A second tripwire was engaged, blowing out the staircase leading to the upper level, cutting off Crusaders Rockhorn, Indamitable, and Reijah.

As they investigated, Rockhorn came to realize that one of the wall panels was not secure. The panel lifted free and the tauren was met by the face of a scourged ghoul hidden within the walls. The ambush triggered, more ghouls popped out of the walls, surrounding the crusaders.

Downstairs, aware of the situation, Crusaders Lightblade, Geometric, and Commander Kul’therin attempted to reach the ambushed crusaders upstairs. Lightblade was injured in the process, while Commander Kul’therin deathgripped himself to the second level to engage in the battle.

Outside, the crusaders became aware of movement in the treeline. Three abominations then broke out of the forest and charged down at the farmhouse.

Jolien and Feng, scouting a neighboring building, identified this as the Slaughterhouse and returned to assist in the fighting with the knowledge of their appropriate target.

The crusaders in the farmhouse cut down the ambushing ghouls and returned outside to find their comrades locked in fierce battle with the Abominations. Many injuries were sustained as the Abominations forced their way in, flanking and trapping the crusaders. During the battle, Captain Valaryon arrived at the head of a column of Argent cavalry, assisting the crusaders in fighting off their foes.

With the Abominations finally defeated and the medical team of Warthirst and Aubade heavily engaged in life-saving measures, a stealth team of Argents with Feng were provided with satchel charges. They proceeded into the Slaughterhouse, sneaking towards the basement to set the charges on the support columns of the building to ensure nothing could be salvaged after the building was bombarded by artillery. While inside, the team became aware of several necromancers discussing their ambush of the crusaders, referring to the leadership of someone named ‘Levarra’ through a rune of discourse.

Levarra made the necromancers aware that their ambush had failed and called on them to call for more reinforcements to put down the crusaders. The stealth team escaped, warning the others, and Indamitable shielded the doorway, obliterating the Cultists as his friends escaped. Once all were safely evacuated, the satchel charges were set off, destroying the building. The Argent artillery then set to work, ensuring the Slaughterhouse was leveled.

Military District Siege Pt. II (16 FEB 2021) Having established a foothold in the Military District, the joint forces of the Bulwark and the Advance proceeded further, ordered by Lord-Commander Swiftsong to secure the town square and chapel to fully entrench their position within the city.

After briefing the crusaders, Brother Lightblade and Captain Valaryon headed further into the city, encountered a Scourge force under direction of a necromancer. Valaryon ordered the crusaders to engage the enemy and take out the necromancer while he provided cover, assaulting the right flank. Bulwark crusaders pressed the left, while a demon hunter named Syl leapt over the Scourge forces and slaughtered the necromancer.

The battle was finished swiftly as the crusaders cut down the Scourge and continued pressing inwards. They were then ambushed in a narrow corridor by a swarm of miniature scourged beings. Clandros suffered significant injuries as he was mauled, and Alderton was pulled to her feet before suffering a similar fate. The paladins and Crusader Aubade then called upon the Light, obliterating their foes.

The crusaders then began making for the Chapel.

Residential District Siege Pt. III (17 FEB 2021) After weeks of battle, it had become clear that the Advance would take, and hold, the Residential District, helping to pave the way for the joint Argent Crusade forces to retake Corin's Crossing. In this knowledge, the Scourge of the district attacked the foothold with the remainder of their forces, buying time for the Cultists to escape.

While the Argents battled, Cultists made their way into the nearby town hall. As the last of the Abominations sent by the cultists was being attacked, Jolien became aware of the actions occuring inside. The cultists were speaking of readying a weapon and intended to escape, destroying their exit on completion.

The Advance forced their way inside, killing the remaining cultists to discover an Orb of Translocation inside. Knowing that the cultists would destroy the second orb at any moment, a selection of the crusaders passed though.

The crusaders found themselves aboard a necropolis. They came under attack immediately, and were nearly slain. Commander Kul’therin estimated that the necropolis was running on a skeleton crew but still presented danger for the injured crusaders. One of their comrades, a druid, began creating a portal for them to escape, regroup, and counter attack.

Captain Valaryon attempted to remain behind with Commander Kul’therin, but was ordered back to his troops. Vowing to come back for him, Athelar left Mirchea and Halandor behind with the druid, taking the portal back to Light’s Hope Chapel.

With the necropolis heading across the sea towards the shore, and with an armament capable of leveling the city of Corin’s Crossing, the Captain must now organize a counter strike against the necropolis to defend the Argents still fighting and recover the Advance’s missing Commander, as Mirchea and Halandor work within to disable the flying weapon.

Argent Advance Finale! (21 FEB 2021) With Commander Mirchea and Crusader Halandor left behind on the necropolis, they began to move stealthily through the fortress, seeking to find a way to disable the weapons systems and put an end to the threat it posed. Evading a hunting party of geists, the two Death Knights reached the command deck and laid eyes on the commander, Mistress Levarra, a San'layn.

Back at Light’s Hope Chapel, Captain Valaryon had organized a counter strike, and called on volunteers to launch an aerial assault by hippogryph on the necropolis as it flew towards them over the Forbidding Sea and destroy it by any means necessary to prevent it from reaching Corin’s Crossing. Equipped with satchel charges, Captain Valaryon and the Crusaders left Light’s Hope.

As Athelar and the Crusaders flew towards the necropolis, Mordramas, Mirchea warned the crusaders of incoming fire as the necropolis fired upon the approaching crusaders. Sustaining only limited injuries, the crusaders reached the command deck and began their ground assault. But not before Mirchea and Halandor were discovered and trapped behind enemy lines, surrounded.

The assault team smashed a hole through the Scourge defenses, fighting to reach their companions as Halandor fought off a pack of geists and Mirchea engaged a Death Knight supported by packs of skeletal warriors on his own.

The Crusaders fought hard, cutting down the Scourge and regrouping near the command center, defeating the Death Knight and confronting Mistress Levarra.

During the fight, the San’layn had sacrificed her cultists and fed on their blood, empowering herself. And as the Crusaders confronted her, Daviel Lightblade was seized and dragged to her feet by a tendril forged of blood. She threatened the crusaders with his death before Commander Kul’therin commanded the crusaders to attack.

The fight was long and brutal, the San’layn attacking with many tendrils of blood, the ends of which had been hardened into sharpened barbs. As they finally beat her, the San’layn used her magics to weaponize the blood within her and tore herself apart in a final act of vengeance, impaling several Crusaders as her blood hardened and ripped from her body in hundreds of spears.

With the battle over, those crusaders able to set their charges and the necropolis was destroyed as Mordramas neared the shoreline, flying from the explosion in the nick of time. The necropolis crashed into the shallows near land, only minutes away from being in range of Corin’s Crossing and wreaking destruction.

The crusaders returned to Light’s Hope victorious, the residential district secured and Mordramas destroyed. With the siege nearly in hand, all that remained was for the Bulwark forces to secure the military district from the remaining Scourge forces.

Argent Advance Commendations and Promotions (28 FEB 2021) Siege of Corin's Crossing Campaign Medal All members of the Advance who fought in this battle received this medal.

Argent Crusade Commendation for Leadership
Captain Athelar Valaryon

Argent Crusade Medical Cross
Sergeant Major Kahshra Warthirst
Crusader Dylaina Aubade

Ashen Band of Courage
Crusader Tsuko Jin-Mo
Crusader Kuepa rockhorn
Crusader Indamitable
Crusader Halandor Nightwish
Commander Mirchea Kul’Therin-Soltair
Contractor Jolien
Contractor Bran’ath Dragonbane

Argent Crusade Ribbon of Sacrifice
Captain Athelar Valaryon
Crusader Uolin

Corporal: Kuepa Rockhorn, Drezziri, and Tsuko Jin-Mo.

And currently we're working on our next campaign, Airship Assembly! Other Argents and friends of the guild are welcome to join us along this newest journey.

Oh hey look, another update! :eyes:

Airship Assembly
Summary Faced with a lack of space to call their own, and unable to find a suitable spot to locate an Argent outpost or garrison on Kalimdor soil that would still be close to Orgrimmar, Captain Athelar came up with the idea of procuring - or building - and airship that would act as a mobile barracks and command center. Dubbed the ACAS Resolute, the airship's hull was sourced from an old, wrecked, Iron Horde warship and dragged to Bilgewater Harbor, where many hired hands worked to bring her into operational status as quickly as possible.
A Heart of Crystal (10 March 2021) After meeting up near Crystalsong Forest, the Argent Advance received a briefing on their objective - recover a chunk of crystalline material from the forest to power the lift engine of their airship. Additionally, there was news of the Scourge being quiet in the area, unusual for Northrend. Sonceri relayed that there may be a guardian waiting down there that might be able to assist them.

All the logistics settled, the group headed out from the Violet Stand and into the eerie, arcane-blasted forest. Shortly thereafter they meet Cyperion, an Ancient Autumn Walker. After a short discussion, it was determined that the Argents would aide this being in defense of his forest, and off they went, granted aide in the form of sentient saplings, heading toward the heart-tree, Sequoian, deep in the forest.
True to form, along the way they came upon a sight - twisted forms of a man and woman, bloated and altered by excess arcane, tormenting a wyrmling, using it as a conduit of power to take for themselves. The Argents jumped to the creature’s defense, swiftly dispatching the man, and pulling vital information from the woman, along with a shard of pearlescent crystal and orders from the Cult of the Damned. It was learned that the Scourge’s minions were of no use here to them - too noisy and incompetant, apparently.

After dispatching the woman, the wyrmling was freed and healed, his name revealed to be Illiuviux. The crystal rod the man and woman had been using to torment him had been stolen from the wyrmling’s ‘mother’, Sequoian. Since the Argents had saved him, Illiuviux led them to his mother directly for them to return the once-stolen crystal…and the Argents hoped they might be granted a boon.
Luckily, they were. Gladdened by the return of the missing piece of herself and her child, Sequoian granted them the pick of a single arcane crystallized tree, as many already fallen branches as they could carry, and any ore or crystals they could gather, provided it caused no harm to the area. Thankful for her gift, the Argents swore to come to her aid again should she ever need it, and gathered up their materials - quite a good haul, to be honest. Once all was sorted and arranged, the tree, branches and ores were teleported back to the warehouse in Bilgewater, to be sorted, refined and fitted to the hull.

Dropwrench Flight School (16 March 2021) Quickly realizing none of them had experience flying mechanical constructs - at least, not enough to pilot a massive airship - Cdr. Mirchea quickly hired a friend to show them the ropes. That friend? None other than the lovely Dinkee Dropwrench. Rental planes were quickly secured, as well as a suitable airstrip for practice, a date and time set aside, payment sent, and they were off!

There was quite the emphasis on safety - Dinkee wasn’t going to have an Argent splatted on the airstrip under her watch. The Crusaders were taught now to fold and pack their own parachutes, as well as deploy them, and then the lesson moved on to piloting. Unfortunately a few Crusaders required extra instruction and never made it off the airstrip, but those that did learned quickly how important following instructions was! Luckily, no casualties were had, unless you count Mirchea’s pride as he got chewed out for doing an unauthorized barrel roll.

Harnessing the Tempest (20 March 2021) Captain Valaryon had approached the Consortium seeking to make a bulk purchase of mana cells to provide power for the engine core of The Resolute when he learned from the ethereals that Manaforge Ara in the Netherstorm had very recently come back online after years of inactivity. Athelar called the Crusaders to arms over the Advance's communicators, knowing full well the consequences of allowing Manaforge Ara to continue operations unchecked.

Years prior, heroes of the Aldor and the Scryers had disabled the four remaining Manaforges under Prince Kael’thas’ control. This was supposed to have been permanent. Now, however, it seemed that some unknown force had taken claim of Manaforge Ara and brought it back online.

Captain Valaryon, along with Nexus Guardian Khar’desh, briefed the assembled Crusaders of the situation and offered a warning as well-- before Kael’thas was defeated, Manaforge Ultris had been overloaded beyond capacity and in its destruction is had torn a hole in the fabric of reality, the site overtaken by the Void and otherwordly fiends. The Manaforges could not be destroyed without risking a similar fate, so Ara would need to be retaken and disabled safely.

The Crusaders set out from the Stormspire for Manaforge Ara, encountering the wasteland that the land had become as the arcane storm raged above them.

When they crossed the bridge and reached the land surrounding Manaforge Ara, Lieutenant Moonstalker and Corporal Jin-Mo were sent forwards to scout for hostiles ahead of the Advance’s main force. Moonstalker investigated the Trelleum Mine, encountering some foul presence within but withdrawing in the interest of the mission. Jin-Mo moved up the ride, identifying a handful of what appeared to be Cultists stockpiling mana cells freshly harvested from Manaforge Ara.
After reporting back to Commander Kul’therin, the command to move ahead in order to secure Manaforge Ara was given.

As they ascended the ramp towards Ara, one of the Cultists sprung the ambush. All around the crusaders the earth began to shift and break as the bodies of fallen Sunfury Elves from years past were reawakened in undeath and set upon the Advance. The fighting was swift and fierce, with Commander Kul’therin protecting the crusaders from the Cultist’s magical assault on the ridge with an anti-magic shield.

The Cultists withdrew back to Manaforge Ara as the ghouls were put down and the Advance pursued. They came across the mana cell stockpile and pressed forwards into the facility. There, the Cultists fought back, trying to stop the Advance from gaining control of Ara.

During the fighting, a void touched nether stalker entered the battle, seemingly in league with the Cultists. It became clear during the fighting that the nether stalker sought the overloading and destruction of Manaforge Ara, and it is theorized that it had assisted the cultists in repairing the access crystal to bring Ara back online.

Crusader Ren managed to subdue the Cultist at the control console and interrogated him, peering into his mind to find the information required to begin Ara’s shutdown sequence while the Advance fought against the remaining Cultists and the Nether Stalker.

Ren began the shutdown sequence, prompting the nether stalker to abandon the fight against the crusaders and go after her. Commander Kul’therin and Crusader Nightwish worked together, deathgripping the nether stalker in place and holding him back from Ren while the other crusaders attacked, eventually destroying the dark ethereal.
With the shutdown sequence underway, the Cultist attempted to escape but was prevented by Ren. It was noticed that this cultist bore a blue handmark on his throat, seemingly a magical brand. As he began to divulge more information about his organization – the Hand of Domination – the brand began to glow bright and strangled the Cultist who spoke of fearing an anonymous woman.

After his death, the Cultist’s body spoke with an otherworldly and supernatural feminine voice, warning the Argent Advance that their interference would not be tolerated and that the Hand of Domination “would not suffer the living” before snapping the Cultist’s neck and cutting off contact.

With Manaforge Ara disabled, Nexus Guardian Khar’desh and other Consortium ethereals arrived. Captain Valaryon advised Khar’desh that the Advance would be securing the mana cell stockpile in response to ending the threat of Manaforge Ara, not allowing the Consortium to begin in any haggling or negotiations as they had a reputation for.

The mana cell stock pile was secured and using one of Commander Kul’therin’s scrolls of teleportation was transported to the Advance’s warehouse in Bilgewater Harbor, where the hull of The Resolute is currently being worked in in the shipyards.

Black Gold (28 March 2021) The Resolute can't only be fueled by magic - relying on only one form of power source is folly, and the directional propulsion system does not function off of mana. So if the Argents want the Resolute to move in planes other than 'up' and 'down', they're gonna need fuel - the black blood of the earth, black gold, crude...Oil. And who has the majority of control of oil on Azeroth?

You guessed it. Goblins.

However, something is amiss. Instead of negotiating or bartering like one normally would for rights to such a supply, the owners of the oil field have instead…asked for the Advance’s help. The owner of BlastCo, Man Powerchin - a goblin who had apparently embrassed his most prominent feature which is quite an impressive set of double chins - had agreed to a deal with the Advance if they’ll take care of a problem for him. He insisted the oil field is haunted, and he and his workers vacated the premises.

In the process of imploring the Advance to go investigate, he reneged on an already agreed upon deal, so Commander Kul’Therin stayed behind along with Feng to sort that out. Meanwhile, Captain Athelar, Sergeant-Major Kahshra, and Crusaders Halandor, Anguisana, and Sephelda headed off to the oil fields.
There, strange clues were found. Evidence that the place was indeed hastily abandoned; a guard log detailing the death of a woman via accidental fall into a chemical vat, sightings of a strange unknown person, people going missing, the Foreman being killed and the fields burning from no discernable source. Several pipes were discovered sabotaged, the nuts and bolts holding them together backed out. Footprints were found, broad, the first set clearly left by someone sneaking about, the second from the same person but on softer ground, revealing two possibilities for their race - orc or pandaren.

Fearing an ambush, Captain Athelar decided to try to draw them out into the open, radioing back to Mirchea and Powerchin, stating all was clear and Powerchin could bring his works back, calling them friends. As Athelar finished speaking, one of the clearance lights atop a smokestack changed, going from blinking to solid, up until it revealed itself as a flame. A bolt of fire shot for the hut they’d holed up in, blasting over the roof, revealing itself to be several Pandaren fire sprites. A woman’s voice screamed out, disparaging them for reneging on their oath, declaring them murderers…and then the sprites swarmed the Crusaders.
Singed, burned, battered, the group fought back, eventually defeating the cluster of sprites, sending one running for cover bac kto its master, but it was eliminated before it could make it far. Enraged, the woman fired upon the Crusaders from her perch on the roof before she was overwhelmed by Anguis’ana and Sephelda, whereby she began using her crossbow as a bludgeon, screaming about her murdered wife until Athelar knocked her out with a well-placed hammer of Light.

She was promptly detained and answered pulled from her tear-stained maw. Her wife had worked for BlastCo and was trying to unionize the workers to fight for better rights, as the field was a horribly dangerous place to work with little to no protections. The Foreman had her murdered for it, and then her compatriots began disappearing. The pandaren, whose name was revealed to be Do-Hyun, admitted to killing the Foreman in retribution and causing various disturbances. However, she insisted she’d killed no one else.

Deciding that it was not their place to be judges, jury or executioners, the Advance decided that both Do-Hyung and Powerchin would be detained and brought in for trial by the Horde. Mirchea brought Powerchin to the site, where he was detained, and they were taken seperately back to Orgrimmar…leaving the Advance with no oil, but their morals in tact, at least.

Strength of Titans (30 March 2021) The Taunka of Camp Tunka'lo have been mining titanium ore for the Argent Advance for some time now, providing the crusaders with much needed materials for the armour plating of The Resolute. However, now the crusaders have been called to aid their allies as the taunka have begun disappearing. Listening the Chieftain Unaloq's passioned plea to rescue his people, the crusaders departed the village and headed towards the titanium mine.

Crossing the Plain of Echoes, the crusaders became aware of a rumbling before being attacked by a tunneling Jormungar. The giant snow worm burst from the snow covered earth and spat acid at the crusaders, engaging them in battle. During the fighting, a lone figure was spotted in the nearby treeline observing the fight and with the realization that Jormungar are not native to this region of the Storm Peaks, Anguis’ana and Veronica Fairdale went to engage this mysterious foe.

The Jormungar was slain and the hooded figure was subdued, the crusaders discovered the cultist bore the mark of the ‘Hand of Domination’, which they had recently encountered in the Netherstorm. Here, the crusaders discovered that the Hand of Domination had actively worked to draw the Argent Advance out by targetting their allies, a bid to make good on their threat to punish the Advance for their interference in the Hand’s goals. The cultist was then slain, asphyxiated by the glowing blue hand mark on his throat but not before taunting the crusaders with the location of the missing taunka.
The Advance continued to the cave, scouting through quickly as they made their way into its depths. The missing taunka were locked, battered and bound, guarded by three cultists. The scouts attempted to silence them quickly, but one of the cultists was able to cast its profane magic before being cut down. With the rest of the crusaders engaging the enemy, Veronica Fairdale made a startling observation - three of the taunka were missing from the hostages.

From the earth sprang a grotesque abomination, freshly crafted from the bodies of the three missing taunka. The crusaders engaged in a fierce battle with the creature, eventually cutting it down. They assisted the taunka out of the cave where they were met with Argents from the Icecrown Garrison, whom helped to ferry the survivors back to Camp Tunka’lo where a field hospital was set up to render aid.

As the Advance portaled back to Orgrimmar, Captain Valaryon used a scroll of transportation to ship the Advance’s titanium to the Bilgewater Shipworks for use on the Resolute. And as he stood in the silent cave, he reflected on how the Advance’s allies had suffered, used as a pawn to draw the crusaders out and strike at them. He knew that the Advance would need to discover more of what they were dealing with when it came to the Hand of Domination, and amongst the ruin, he swore that he would bring an end to their madness.

Air Trials: Rising Through the Clouds (31 March 2021) (This event was DM'd in our Discord for us by the amazing Sonceri! We had a vehicle battle and it was a m a z i n g. Thank you Sonceri!)

The arcane spark of sudden magics coalescing through filaments and inlaid pipes poured through systems in a massive ship resting upon waters. For what seemed an eternity yet was only weeks of waiting ended this moment as the Resolute completed a first pass across the open ocean. Sunset darkened to dusk, as stars winked among heavy clouds. To think, the entire ship and compliment crew would soon rise through and above those clouds! To gaze upon a distant horizon of only sky!

The gathered forces of the Argent Advance and more numbers of their brothers and sisters gathered through the living quarters, ship bays, infirmary, galley, and across the deck to come together. Perhaps there would be a righteous speech or simple words as they would embark on their journey. The goal seemed simply enough, shake down the ship and ensure everything ran to spec.

Engines, weaponry, and crew. But one never knew what could come on a night like this! And with a sudden lift and whine of engines, the entire deck seemed to be…weightless! A slow shifting of ship from waters…to sky…

The Advance’s crusaders took up their positions - hippocryphs, cannons, a juggernaut of a tank on the deck, and mechanical flyers. The exercise began with robotic chickens taking flight to act as attackers, a few painting the hull with well-placed shots of paintballs, but soon they learned they were not alone in the skies - though they were supposed to be.

A Cultist sect, the Hand of Domination, were upon them. Abruptly their shakedown test flight became much higher stakes as airborne Scourge forces moved in, catching up quickly and swarming the ship. The fighting was fierce, explosions rocking through the sky as the Resolute showed just what she was made of, blasting enemy after enemy from the sky, thought the fight was close, especially as a gigantic gargoyle boarded the ship and sought to attack the heart of it. Thankfully, Captain Athelar distracted it by blasting its wings off, and nearly payed the ultimate price. In the end, all enemies were defeated with minimal casualties from the Argents, and the ship returned to port for repairs.

Thank you very much Sonceri for DMing our vehicle battle, and for making this truly magnificent vehicle token for us! You can find her on Twitter @lorioliodraws; she's an amazing person to work with.

Ishnu Alah Comrade, I love the idea behind this guild, It’s a shame it’s horde only, I would’ve loved to join it alliance side, But Nevertheless, I am proud to see a guild such as this, I’ve always been a fan of the Argent Crusade, The Argent Advance takes it to a whole other level entirely, Hopefully i can meet you on Friendlier Terms, Friend :), May the light Bless you this very day, And May it keep you and the rest of your guildmates in good hands, -Signed by Maladividus Spiritcaller, Written by an Aspiring Priest located The Northshire Abbey Chapel In Elwynn Forest

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Aww, thank you! <3 We do have an Alliance-side guild to park Alliance proxies and alts, but aye, we’re mostly over on Horde. If you’re looking for Alliance-based Argents however, might I suggest Argent Bulwark, headed up by Lantos, or Argent Onslaught, headed up by Rease? They’re both very good guilds (and us GMs are all friendly with each other and invite each other’s guilds to our events, too!).


Awww thats awesome to hear! I’d love to be able to check them out at some point!, Thank you so much for letting me know about them! :smiley:


I would also recommend our friends Argent Bulwark, which we have worked with on a campaign.

(Full disclosure, my main is there and is a recruiter.)


And this is the aforementioned Main.


Fantastic folks! Recommend for epic adventures!