[N-Rp] Mulgore Market June 17th

“Vendors are requested for our first ever Mulgore Market!”

“Journey to the beautiful valley of Mulgore. See some of the most astounding sights in Kalimdor, visit masterful traders, delve into the wonders of the Pools of Vision, explore the Golden Plains. Discover all Mulgore has to offer. Visit today!”

Efforts to bring roleplay outside of Orgrimmar and to foster a greater community for Tauren Roleplayers, we would like to invite everyone to the Mulgore Market! Traders bring your wares to offer to the masses! Whether crafting materials, supplies, trinkets, or food and drink, come join us in Mulgore!

Where: The Darkmoon Faire Mulgore Portal Area

When: The Third Monday of each month beginning on April 15th!

Time: 6:00 WrA ST

Who: Everyone! Alliance, Horde, and Neutral welcome!

We do ask that food items not be made out of sentient races and sentient described as any race with the ability to speak.

Hosted by:

The East Azeroth Trading Company
The Duskwatch Saberguard
The Lodge Tauren Community
The Wolfmane Tribe


If i’m not on shift that day think i’ll stop by.


We can’t wait! We’re excited and honored to host a stall!


This Monday!


Today is Monday, April 15th.

Today is the day! The First Ever Mulgore Market is today!

Come on down to the Darkmoon Faire Portal area below Thunder Bluff. The event will officially begin at 6 WrA ST. Anyone is free to Rp as well as come and go as they please!


Please set up around the border of the dirt area.

Try to space out from one another as to cut down on chat box chatter.

Cannibalism is banned from the Market. Please do that.

If you are putting anything potentially upsetting, please OoCly let the other player know and consent to it before giving it to their character.

Example: There was a soup vendor that appeared at Mulgore Monday once and the player did not tell anyone there was Tauren and other races in the soup until characters had already started eating it. Naturally the players of those characters were upset.

The Market was a huge success! I was so happy so many had a great time! Thank you all to everyone that came out and to all our vendors! The event was a success because of all of you! Thank you! Next Market is May20th!


The next Market is this Monday! Everyone welcome!


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Our first two Market events have been huge successes with so much fun! We still have spots for vendors and everyone is welcome! Horde, Alliance, and neutral! Just don’t cause trouble!