[N-RP] Earthen Ring Gathering!

Hello Everyone!

On Thursday, August 31st at 8pm moonguard server time, at the pool in Thunder Totem, the Earthen Ring rp community will be gathering to discuss current events!

This month, we’ll be preparing for next month’s election of the farseer council, looking at ways to increase engagement in our community, and discuss possible ways we can be more involved with the rest of Azeroth!

Shaman, friends, and allies are all welcome!


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Next gathering is slated for Sept 28th at 8pm MG server time, at the pool on the bottom floor of Thunder Totem!

Alternatively, check out some of the Ring’s goings on @ http://earthenring-mg.org

Giving a bump because our next gathering is THIS thursday! Come check us out as we finalize our next Farseer Council!

We now also have a guild for both Alliance and Horde! < Earthen Ring Community > will act as a lounge and general place for members of the larger community to hang out, to keep updated and informed of goings on!

It’s been a while since we posted, but the monthly meetings are still going strong!
Happening tomorrow, Thursday Nov 30 @ 8pm in Thunder Totem!
Recounting recent shaman efforts with the Dream, and preparing to help hunt down a storm dragon!

It’ll be our last official meeting for the year, but not our last event! Check out the website for calendar details and links! http://earthenring-mg.org