[N-RP] Cleansing the Blight | Tue 11/30 5:30 PM | Legion Dalaran: The Portrait Room

(Pokes Miyoon…wrong alt name there Nos. :wink: )

((No this is how I ment it. The group are pretty public so Miyoon would hear about y’all. Miyoon is a crazy cat lady extremist who is always looking for a conspiracy to be right about, but she never will. Like the Alliance propaganda where she thinks the Alliance are lying about how many Kaldori died at the bond fire.)

(Nos wants to see the blight cleansed and hopes y’all succeed. He brought up the concern about checks and balances, keeping teact of the cargo from cradle to grave like in RW with oil/gas shipments; but he ain’t gona go around bad mouthing the effort.))

((Right, right, but shouldn’t it be Miyoon turned towards the voice…or Capteya be the one posting…or am I missing something?))

(P.S. Glad Nos wants us to succeed! I had a lot of fun interacting with you that first night and look forward to future engagements…or with Capteya in the Deathsworn :slight_smile: )

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((Not to interrupt the RP, but Session 1.1 is tonight! It’ll be a casual event, hanging out and continuing to clean the lake! Come and hang out!))

Iya made her way back to the lake in Ashenvale. She was happy the lake had been cleaned of the Blight runoff and random garbage from those who’d used the barrow den, but she wanted to check on the site in the aftermath. She knew very well that spirits could carry trauma just like people, and that this lake would need a lot more care for its own spirit to recover. She spread her supplies on the ground and closed her eyes for a moment. Then she began to sing in a strong, clear alto voice.

She sang water songs. A jaunty sea shanty she’d heard in Booty Bay. A rhythmic women’s working song the trolls of her village had used when mending fishing nets or drying the day’s catch. A children’s lullaby where the melody swung back and forth like a rocking cradle or the push and pull of waves. A song about a dreamer.

As she sang, she ritualistically built an offering bundle, carefully laying out food, herbs, and flowers in a beautiful mosaic before tying the bundle together just as her final song drew to a close. Using fallen branches and cattails, she wove a ‘plate’ for the bundle before pushing the whole thing from the shoreline to float towards the middle of the lake. By the time it reached the center, water had seeped through the loose weaving and the cloth, pulling the now-heavy bundle beneath the surface. Iya watched until the final ripples had faded. “Be well,” she whispered in blessing.


Deep within the bowels of the tainted barrow den, the coalition clashed with an apothecary by the name of Celestine Sorrowsong. Though she escaped, her journal, found among the ruins of her work, detailed receiving several shipments from suppliers in Azshara. The group now turns their sights to the rustic hills of the new goblin homeland, hoping to severe a critical vein for their enemy’s plans.

Hey guys! This is it! Session 2! We’ll be venturing to Azshara to interrupt the supply lines of the Blight manufacturers! This is a neutral event, so anyone is welcome to join us! We look forward to seeing you!

Also, I hate to interrupt the forums RP to spam! So keep going and ignore me! I love reading it!


(I’m in luck to be in town during this event. )

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The Shal’dorei snickered as she passed. It was clear that she did not have the time nor the interest in exchanging words with the Pandaren.

“Go hide in your hovel then.” she spat as she turned her great saber away from the crowd. She was heading toward the portal room. “Let the true warriors of the Horde handle this while you shout into the Nether like a fool.”

Then Loviattar was gone, leaving the city she hated so much for the somewhat comforts of Dalaran. The Patrol Captain stormed into her office, yelling as she went.

“Corvin!” she shouted even though her First Blade was probably right there within easy earshot. It was a wonder the unit hadn’t been evicted from the magical city for disturbing the peace. How was a mage to study with her shouting?

“Draft a letter to that wretched little undead, Gulgalogos. I need to meet with him NOW. Tell him to come to office as soon as he can.” Loviattar ordered, snapping her fingers to Corvin as she swept past.

“Oh and I bought you cookies. Armada stole one of them but you can have the rest.” She tossed him a small package wrapped in wax paper. “Make sure Rhai gets one. I’ll be in my office… send that letter immediately.”

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((Hey guys! Tonight at 5:30 PM, we’ll be doing a short scouting mission! This is targeted towards more stealth-minded characters, but any character vaguely fitting that bill is welcome to tag along :smiley: ))

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As people step through the streets of their town, Horde and Alliance alike would find the following scroll posted on their local Hero’s Call boards. Additionally, other parties that have directly expressed interest would find a scroll case delivered to their home.

Session 2 will be this Friday, July 9th at 5:30 PM WrA!

As a note, we will be using the CrossRP addon. We will be relying on the functionality this addon provides for our events due to the improved cross-faction communication. This is pretty standard for most people, but I know a few do not yet have it. So, please get it if you can!

Additionally, we have made changes to our combat system! Emotes will now be written immediately after rolling, rather than waiting for a separate emote phase.

Hope to see you all there!


Miyoon reads the new parchment on the posting board. A smile crosses her cold cracked lips as she realizes that this is an opportunity to expose these pretenders. After memorizing the information, she makes her way to the Pandaren area in Orgrimmar.

Miyoon nods to the guard and finds her footlocker among the other ones belonging to her kin. It was good this service was offered for those Pandaren looking to stay in the city without having to pay for space. After all, her interests require her to traverse alot of ground, so it made little sense to commit to such permanence.

Miyoon donned the lighter and more Orcish Horde type armor which she kept within. Again a smile crossed her lips, for now she would be inconspicuous when she joins the mission. She locks the footlocker up and faces the exit.

“I will succeed against these Alliance invaders.”

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Session 2 is tonight at 5:30 PM WrA!

Please join us at the Southern Rocketway Terminus in Azshara! You can search for HH: Azshara in the group finder or message Lyastei-WyrmrestAccord (Alliance) or Iyánla-WyrmrestAccord (Horde, á = Alt + 0225) for an invite!

As a reminder! Please have the CrossRP addon installed! We will be using this for Cross-faction raid coordination!

Miyoon returned to her foot locker in anger. “Nothing, they did nothing which might be incriminating.” She looked at her deathstalker armor in the box and pondered. “I know they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, they are exactly the sort of threat Sylvanas was protecting us from.”

Growing more frustrated, she flipped her footlocker over and everything within tumbled out loudly. The guard outside poked his head in. “Everything alright?” He asked before noticing the hurt and anger on Miyoon’s face. “Oh, sorry. Guess you are just having one of those sha manifesting days.” He bowed in empathy and left her there.

As she stared at the mess, simultaneously thinking about what Sylvanas might do and what the guard had said, an idea came to mind. “Ruin, ruin their veneer. Create the doubt necessary to expose the evil truth of their works.” She starts to pick up her things. “Sometimes you have to start a lie to draw out the truth. I shall use propaganda to combat their propaganda, fight fire with fire.” She finished cleaning up her mess and switched back into the deathstalker armor. She knew it would make her look obviously like a Sylvanas loyalist, but not hiding that fact and being open about that might contrast well to the hidden agenda of the helping hands.

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Following the paper trail from their attack on the black-market goods distributors, the coalition ventures east to the fallen kingdom of Lordearon. They arrive on the shores of Tirisfal, eager to press onwards into the haunted forests to route out one of the few remaining Blight manufacturers on the planet: Celestine Sorrowsong.

Hey guys! We’re moving on to Session 3 of our first chapter, this taking us to Lordaeron! We’ll be starting in Tirisfal and moving deeper into Forsaken lands. However, before we get to the Eastern Kingdoms, our coalition will be stopping for two, smaller events in Bradensbrook, Val’sharrah! One will be a story-so-far discussion, good to get caught up on things! The other will be a sparring event/IC training for those that want practice with our combat system!

Bradensbrook Discussion: Sunday, July 25th at 6:00 PM
Bradensbrook Training: Thursday, July 29th at 5:00 PM

Hope to see you there!

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Please note our time change! To help us get finished at a better time, we’ll be starting 30 minutes earlier than we normally do! We’ll be starting at 5:00PM rather than 5:30PM!


Keeping an ear and eye out, Miyoon became aware of the next plans of the Helping Hands. This will be her window of opportunity to execute her plans while they were away in plagued lands. She made her way to a place which sold parchment, pen, and ink. She needed to write her thoughts and observations so she could give her speech by next week. It will be a hit piece on the Helping Hands. She will have to mix lie and truth to make a compelling case against the Lying Hands.

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Loviattar leaned back in her chair, feet casually resting on her desk and on top of various important files and paperwork. A book rested in her lap and she flipped the page, eyes scanning the text as she quickly read the remaining paragraph.

“Damn, now I have to do work.” the Shal’dorei grunted as she closed the book and tossed it onto her already cluttered desk. A scroll buried under papers caught her eye and she leaned forward and snatched it up. It was tied up with a piece of paper folded and tucked with it, the familiar hand of Corvin telling that he had already translated the message for her.

Loviattar opened the scroll, eyeing the official seal of the organization and the unreadable text before tossing it back onto the desk with the rest of her ignored work. Instead she opened the folded translation from her First Blade and nodded.

“Val’sharah? Thank the stars. For once we will not have to portal to that horrid Orgrimmar to meet up with them.” Lovi muttered to herself before inhaling. Time to yell! It was her favorite time of day and the only reason she enjoyed command (that and the ability to throw furniture at her unit without them questioning it).

“CORVIN! Tell the unit that we get to sleep in! The next meeting is on our doorstep this time. Oh! And get that wretched little undead, Gulgalogos, in my office! I want to see him before we depart.”


“I was wondering when you’d find my note. Hard to keep your attention sometimes, Captain.” Corvin chuckled, realizing he probably had the same problem. Quickly grabbing a blank sheet of common parchment, he set about to writing his next letter in Orcish, using a new goblin ballpoint pen along with his own dusk pigment ink.

"To Sir Galgulagos,
The Captain has urgent matters she wishes to discuss with you at you earliest convenience.

Signed, First Blade Devereaux, on behalf of Captain Al’Shaanth"

After Blowing on the ink to let it dry, he folded the note into thirds, placing a wax seal of the Duskwatch insignia to keep the paper closed and promptly handed it off to the nearest post goblin.


Tonight at 6PM ST! We’ll be meeting in Bradensbrook, Val’Sharrah to discuss IC details learned thus far and prepare for our venture into Session 3!

Tonight at 5PM! We’ll be meeting in Bradensbrook, Val’Sharrah to practice with our combat system! Causal event in preparation for Session 3!