[N-RP]🕯️♪ Witch House ♫🕯️- Oct. 28!

:skull: :candle: Ѡi†cђІng HøvЯ :candle: :skull:

When: Wednesday, October 28 at 6PM WRA | 8PM MG
Where: Lake Jorune, Stonebreaker Hold in Terokkar Forest | Outland
:blue_heart: Neutral and cross-server! :heart:

Spooky scary things are going bump in the night all around. Tricks are being played and treats are getting devoured. The Hallows End spirit is in full force and everyone is getting into the celebration. The question is have you ever danced to the occult themed sounds of Witch House? Do you like getting into the darker vibes of the music scene? How about dancing under the moonlight while possibly summoning something? Come sate that curiosity and experience music that feels like a heavy pulsating blood-beat. Or so some have said~

LA MASQUERADE events invites all the ghouls and ghosts to a Witch House party at the mystical Lake Jorune in the Terokkar Forest. During the best time of the year, let your mind and body unwind to occult-based house music while tasting some sublime cocktails!

:candle:Anchor Update :candle:
Horde: Xepher-Wyrmrest Accord
Alliance: Gliderill-WyrmrestAccord

:crystal_ball: Origins of Witch House :crystal_ball:

Witch house is a microgenre of electronic music that emerged in the late 2000s into the early 2010s. The music style is heavily influenced by chopped and screwed hip-hop soundscapes with drastically slowed tempos and stop-timed beats. This technique comes from the famous and renowned DJ Screw of Huston, Texas. Witch House utilizes industrial sounds and noise experimentation while also featuring synthesizers, obscure samples, droning repetitions and heavily altered near ethereal vocals. Dark synth pop-influenced lead melodies are a recurring theme as well, usually with distorted and/or pitched down vocals. This genre blends a couple of different musical ideas into its own.

The visual aesthetic of Witch house includes that of occult, witchcraft, terror and horror-inspired art. Many songs and musicians use typographic elements such as Unicode symbols or symbols like triangles and crosses. Some view this as a method of keeping the scene underground and harder to search for on the internet. Others point to dark mainstream pop culture as references such as the t.v. series Charmed and Twin Peaks. The origin of the name ‘Witch House’ is not clear but there is one person who many tend to mention. Travis Egedy or Pictureplane, came up with the name as a joke in 2009 since no one else could figure out what to call darker electronic music.

:full_moon: Tumblr Post and musical history of Witch House: tinyurl. com/WitchEDM :crescent_moon:


/e takes a deep breath with her eyes closed and palms of her hands together. She points her fingers forward and opens her eyes.

“Girl, I’m going to try to show up to this.”


Hehehe, you are going to have the such a spooky time :candle:

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Spooky ooky horseman~
he orange and round oh boi~
his head rolls nad wobbles round the patch~
looking for a tastie snack~

Spooky ookie horseman~
Steed full of fright~
He’ll terrorize your Towns~
and be an evil boi tonight~

Silly little horseman~
You are so misunderstood~
People think you are super spooky~
but really your just mad /hits piano keys hard


:crystal_ball: We are going to summon things that go bump in the night with all of that XD

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Come bop u freaks!!! <3



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