[N-Guild] Brightmoon Faire 🤹 - Now accepting casual RP folks!

New event coming up on Dec the 8th!

We are also looking at re-org-ing our guild a little to make a more casual social RP rank, just for folks that want to RP and play the game no theme attached. Keep an eye out.

Hello friends! Here is your daily bump of our show this Sunday 12/8! Show starting at 6:30 ST!

Tonight! Come one out and see us.

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Thanks to everyone that came out, here are some shots from the show! Our next one will be after the holidays!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is some news from us here at the faire!

Though we are a themed guild, we want to get to know and play with all sorts of folks. If you want a relaxed RP home for your toon with a built-in event to go to every month, please think of us. No hoops to jump through, we’ll just invite you.

New event date to be posted soon™

Next show is on MARCH 1st!

Link to our show thread: [N-Event] Brightmoon Shows 🤹 Next: March 1st!

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We have a show coming up March 1st if you are looking for a home for your toon, and you want to check us out!

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Heres a quick pre-show day bump! Tomorrow in Ratchet!!


Tonight! Come check us out, shows, games, prizes, booze… fun? Yes. Fun will be there, in the back. He is a groupie.


Reminder that we have a show tonight at 630 ST that is in three hours my friends!!

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Although I wasn’t able to come to the event on the 1st, thank you for hosting it!

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We are doing another on Apr 5th! I’ll invite you to the calendar event :slight_smile:

Can you confirm date/location/time of your next event(s)? If these happen in Dalaran, I’d love to add them to the Sunreavers guild calendar.

Hey, all our event info is updated in this link here: [N-Event] Brightmoon Shows 🤹 Next: Apr 5th!

The next one is actually not in Dalaran, we are branching out a bit!

We are going to be showing at the Midsummer Masquerade Event on the 28th of June. See you there!

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Never thought I’d be a part of a carnie guild like this but these folks are amazing. Left for a year to get away from WoW, came back, still welcomed back with open arms.

You’ll not find a better group than these nerds.

(Also I do events, come to them!)



In case you did not know, because I have FAILED to make an announcement anywhere… Brightmoon Faire has been performing at the Tournament of Ages this year! It has been real exciting, and a lot of fun RP.

But tonight is the LAST CHANCE to catch us there. Here is the schedule in WRA time:

(7:45) - Faelen the Clutzy Consumer of Fire & Love. Followed by The Mysterious Weaver of DARK TALES, Zandrys.
(8:00) - Pepperbomb’s Famous Death Defying Aerobics.
(8:15) - Khowla, Gonk’s Faithful Warrior Poet
(8:30) - The Blind Bard and the Fox Flutist, Kasandros & Fyuji
(8:45) - Kanohana and her Amazing Exotic Beasts (That Definitely Not Druids)

Come check us out, whisper any of us for an anchor into the Moonguard server. We are at the Argent grounds. Hope to see you there!

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Reminder that we’re like, really cool.

I’ve been running this guild going on 10 years-ish, it is a silly little group of friends that likes to get together and roleplay carnival stuff in the game. This year we were invited to participate in this event called the Tournament of Ages. Many of us worked really hard to pull off the fireworks show, stage acts and a storyline with another guild. It makes me proud that we could help be a part of something that could raise funds for a lot of great causes.

Anyway, we got a mention in a Forbes article for our story antics. So, thank you, guild friends, for being so awesome and I hope going into Shadowlands we have many more good times like this <3



Bumping this cause Brightmoon folks are AWESOME!! They throw some of the best events on the server and are fun to rp with :dancer:t6: