[N-Guild] Brightmoon Faire 🤹 - Now accepting casual RP folks!

The story so far:

A few weeks ago Mumsie acquired, in a perfectly legal way, some prized, show quality Gryphon eggs from an undisclosed source.

The plan was to sell these eggs to the Darkmoon Faire for their petting zoo as a new feature. But as it happens when you are a shady individual dealing with shady individuals, that did not happen exactly as she envisioned.

The carnies at the faire tried to get the eggs at a fraction of what they were worth, and when the fine Brightmoon folks said no (with their fists) a rumble broke out.

Now, Mumsie wanted to get rid of the evidence, but Gorrim wouldn’t have it - saying something about how leaving a goblin face down in the sea was murder. The way she sees it, it is just gross negligence at best.

Seemingly everyone and their dog got in the way of Mumsie’s plan to fence her goods, and now she has two eggs and nothing to show for her HARD work.

She still wants to make money from this venture, so stay tuned for the next scheme.

Hello friends, colleagues - poor victims of the next pick pocketing; I come to you as a simple messenger!

Did you miss the last Brightmoon Faire show? If so - do not fear, do not cry, and rest easy; our next show is March 31st, in the good ol’ Dalaran (In Northrend)! This is a faction neutral event - got that blood elf cutie your crushing on? Bring her on down! Pop those elixirs of tongues, and meet us there at 6:30 ST! Pre-show starts at 6 ST. And don’t forget to wait around for to get your fortune told!

As always, we love and cherish you - and beg you to toss us some coin.

Hope to see you all there!


Come and see our wonderful show! Sadly I won’t be able to make it, so come see it for me! Tell me all about the awesome good fun and whatnot!

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Bumping this thread to remind everyone of our show!

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Still active and doing faire things on the DL while people finish up this Xpac.

Recently the Brightmoon Faire went on a bit of a field trip to a rival faire outside Shatterath. Mumsie had heard that it was a small time gig, but got a lead that this faire had gotten its hands on a document claiming ownership of the Brightmoon trademarks.

When they finally got there, it was a bit more than what they expected, not a small time gig but a carnival that looked to be rivaling Darkmoons! With some investigation (and maybe saving a couple folks from some… accidents), the carnies found out that some local dark fey had been using the guise of a carnival as a hunting ground.

Perhaps a little in over their heads for simple faire folk, the managed to not die, and release the ringleader, Quinn, from the grasp of the dark fey. Knowing that the jig was up, they packed up shop and left.

The grateful Quinn swore off faire forever, handing over the ownership rights document that Mumsie had been searching for for months… only for it to be snatched last minute by Gorrim as Mumsie was preoccupied with a oozing, fungus infested goblin named Azing.

Now Gorrim has the rights to the Brightmoon Faire, Mumsie is back at square one, and it looks like an actual Brightmoon has turned up (maybe), and on top of all that the former Ringleader Keyandros has also shown up asking questions.

Mumsie needs a new scheme and quick.

Our next show is June 8th! More info can be found here: [N-Event] Brightmoon Shows 🤹 Next: April - Date TBA

We will be at the Horde cultural festival this weekend! Come check us out. We are always looking for folks to join our little guild, right now it is a great place for alts or if you are looking for something small and laid back.

Always hiring!

I’d like to welcome Calen to the guild! He is the most cute little Vulpera I have ever seen.

We just finished up our Night Market last night, thank you to all that attended. Keep an eye on our event topic for the next event - our variety show!

We hired two new acts today, I’d like to welcome Keja and Tassos to the guild! You can see them in the upcoming show on the 28th!

We also are Alliance side now! I am still focusing on H-side for now, but if there is someone interested in working with me to get A side up and running ship shape… connect with me.

We are doing a surprise show today in an hour! Come on down to Uldum, whisper anyone from the guild and we will let you know where we are.

We have a new goblin clown act! I want to welcome Honks the Clown to the Faire, we are so happy to have you!

Honks, Keja and Tassos debuted tonight and will be featured in some upcoming shows!


Things have slowed down a bit now that we are not doing back to back weekend shows. You may see our folks busking in Silvermoon or Orgrimmar. Don’t be afraid to ask for their autographs, they will only hustle you a little.

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Just a reminder that this little guild exists, is full of great people and does some fun stuff. We have a market next weekend!

Market postponed! But we do have some cool things in the works, and a show on the 21st!

New event coming up on Dec the 8th!

We are also looking at re-org-ing our guild a little to make a more casual social RP rank, just for folks that want to RP and play the game no theme attached. Keep an eye out.

Hello friends! Here is your daily bump of our show this Sunday 12/8! Show starting at 6:30 ST!

Tonight! Come one out and see us.

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Thanks to everyone that came out, here are some shots from the show! Our next one will be after the holidays!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is some news from us here at the faire!

Though we are a themed guild, we want to get to know and play with all sorts of folks. If you want a relaxed RP home for your toon with a built-in event to go to every month, please think of us. No hoops to jump through, we’ll just invite you.

New event date to be posted soon™

Next show is on MARCH 1st!

Link to our show thread: [N-Event] Brightmoon Shows 🤹 Next: April - Date TBA

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