[N-Event] TONIGHT: The TTT's 7th Anniversary Show!

What: The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe’s 7th Anniversary Show!
Where: Hearthglen, taking place at the tower in the center of town! Hearthglen is a neutral Argent town located in the Western Plaguelands, at the top-most center of the map!
When: Friday, October 16th, beginning at 7:00 PM (server), pre-shows happening at 6:30 till start!
Who: Anyone, of both factions! Please do update cross-RP and bring Potions of Tongues with you, however! You never know what friends you can make across factional barriers!

Seven years have now passed since the name of the Tirisfal Theatre first hit the streets with the fantastically hilarious anti-Garrosh show, “Hellsqueal: The TRUE Warchief’s Tale”. Now, seven years and thirty plus scripts later, the Tirisfal Theatre returns to celebrate growing yet another year with a humble but exciting gathering!

Once more helmed by Lord Atos Sunhart, denizens of all races, factions, and what-have-you in between are hereby cordially invited to celebrate another year of our humble theatre alive and kicking!

"A Hallows End Party BEFORE Hallows End?"

The Tirisfal Theatre’s breakout performance was first performed on the third Friday of October of the same year. As such, it’s been a tradition of ours to celebrate our anniversary on that same day. As it so happens, this is the oddest year for it, in that the third Friday falls earlier in the month, before the in-game Hallows End event even happens!

That being said, that doesn’t make this any less of a Hallows End party! So show up in costume, have a blast! It’s not quite a Bash, but it’s certainly…a Monster Mash.

Event Schedule

Pre-Show Performance

  • 6:30 PM
  • We know that early birds enjoy finding their seats before a good show even starts! That’s why we’ve got a nice little performance set to happen with our own rookie troupie, the firebreather Ji’shol! Might even have other surprises in store for you, enough to adequately entertain you before the real show begins!

Opening Ceremony

  • 7:00 PM
  • Gather round the tower, and find your seats! The opening ceremony is simply a formal statement from the troupe, but also an explanation of some of the rules for our big night, as well as the various giveaways and prizes for the raffle and the Transmog Tournament! More on that later!

The Champion’s Costume Contest

  • 7:15 PM

  • Come in your coolest transmog in this free-for-all mog contest! Five judges from the troupe itself will select one person from the participants as their favorite! Those five will then be voted on to see who is the best dressed!

    There is no theme this time! Like spikes? WEAR SPIKES! Is fire your thing? Burn our eyes out with your hot fashion sense! All the 5 selected winners will receive 20,000 gold, with the winner of the voting stage receiving a bonus 30,000 gold for a total of 50,000 gold for the first place winner! While it won’t buy you a longboi, it’s certainly a nice amount of coin for your pockets! More details on this will be given in a separate post!

The TTT Presents: The House on Raven Hill!

  • 7:45ish Onward
  • We’ve put together a brand new play for your enjoyment, appropriately themed for the season! Come follow an aspiring house flipper in his unfortunate journey to Grand Hamlett, where he thinks he’s getting a good deal, when all he’s getting is a good deal…of trouble! (Play is roughly 30-40 minutes in length)

Closing Statements & Grand Fireworks Display

  • End of the Night

  • Parting is such sweet sorrow, and yet it is something we all must endure! If you signed our guest list and stuck around till the very end, your name may have been drawn to receive a flat color commission of your character of choice from our own extremely talented JayneStrange! After the raffle, you’ll notice you may have been given a load of fireworks - HOLD ON TO THOSE! You’ll need them in a bit!

    The Tirisfal Theatre has coordinated a fireworks display for you to enjoy at the tower, and in the grand finale, you, the audience, will be called upon to join in the explosive fun! Just be careful with your fingers, and remember not to jump in until the right moment! Consider this your unofficial entry into the Tirisfal Theatre’s ranks!

Though the event is short notice, you can bet that we’ve been busting our butts to bring you the same excellent quality shows we’ve been bringing for the past seven years, with attention to detail, dedicated cast, and unforgettable moments imbued in our work!

We hope to see you all there, Alliance and Horde alike! Don’t delay, see a play on that day! …that day being the 16th of October. And more like night!

See you all at the show!

Additional Important Details Below


For optimum enjoyment, please acquire the following;

  • Musician (addon for pre-show)
  • CrossRP (addon) - Required for Alliance due to the cast being mostly Horde!
  • Elixir of Tongues - Required for cross-faction understanding and communication.
  • Inky Black Potion - Recommended!
  • At least 2 slots of bag space! Recommended, not required!
  • TRP3 or other related RP addons. Recommended to see who the cast is playing during the show!

After a highly successful dress-rehearsal, we’re very excited about the event! Especially the fireworks show. They always wind up being special when we have the audience take part in the finale, so come join the fun and marvel at the spectacle!

As for the Guest List detail pertaining to the raffle, we’re currently deciding on how to go about a public guest list. Please note in order to be eligible to win the commission from JayneStrange, you must be present at the time of the raffles’ end!

Some notes today on the mog competition;

We’ve more or less decided on the rules~! We will have them structured in the original post on this thread shortly, but till then, please look over these details if you plan to enter!

"The TTTs’ Terrific Transmog Tournament"
Theme: Free-for-all
Prizes: 20,000 gold for 4 winners, 50,000 grand prize

Come show the judges of the Tirisfal Theatre your best style! Come to the event in the most creative, cool, unique, or just downright gaudy transmog that you can! Make us laugh or make us stand in awe of you, anything you think will earn you the favor of the five judges goes!

Attendees from both the Alliance and Horde are encouraged to participate! There is no entry-fee whatsoever, so what do you have to lose? We want to see your creativity, Wyrmrest!

  • There are no sign-ups. You show up at a location specified by the crew, and the 5 winners will be selected, at which time we will begin the ‘show’.

  • There will not be any armor categories this time, as we feel with these things there’s always an overwhelming amount more in one category than another.

  • Only armor that is mogged will be considered. Before someone is chosen as a winner, we -will- inspect them to make sure their appearance is fully mogged. We realize this is a pain for those who like the Warglaives of Azzinoth and really want to mog them as something that isn’t a demon hunter, but… well, we don’t really like them that much anyway, so nothing of value lost?

  • From the crowd of participants, only 5 will be chosen by the judges, at which time the remaining people will be asked to join the audience. Up to this point, please refrain from using visually enhancing toys, mounts, cosmetics, etc. that have nothing to do with the mog.

  • The 5 finalists will be asked to show off their appearance to the crowd. At this time, we encourage you to pose, cast spells, mount up with your matching pony, etc., because you will be trying to earn the favor of the crowd!

  • The audience will then whisper a number associated with the finalists to myself or our Alliance recipient, who will then count the votes and decide the grand prize winner!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! The contest begins following the opening ceremony, which should put it around 7:15 PM server. Afterwards, we’ll be unveiling our new play, so stick around for more entertainment!

As for the guest list raffle, some may wonder why it’s such a small offering compared to our previous years, which among many prizes often included items from the Shadowmourne questline. Plain and simple answer, we didn’t really think to get it started earlier in the year, unfortunately, so our offering this year is relegated to just a single prize, albiet one of our best ones yet. JayneStrange, also known as NecroBone, is an incredible artist with a truly amazing value for her commissions, and can do a huge variety of races from WoW in a style that is detailed and beautiful. A flat color image from her is a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection of character art commissions, and we implore you to check out her artwork on her tumblr page!

EDIT: Fixed an error in the opening post. Hearthglen is in the WESTERN plaguelands, not Eastern. I’m directionally challenged.

Just a bump with a friendly PSA - remember to back up your TRP data tonight! Patch will more than likely wipe it.

Just 2 more days till the big night! We’re still finalizing a few things, but expect a fun performance! :smiley:

Tomorrow is the big night! A reminder, bring some Inky Black Potions and Elixirs of Tongues! Also, if you care for an enhanced experience, we’ve put in some atmospheric music tracks for those of you who utilize the Musician addon!

I shall endeavor to be there! If I miss it, consider me square :stuck_out_tongue:

This is tonight!! Be there and support the ARTS…! In Azeroth…

Logging on to put the finishing touches on some things, get fireworks for both the Alliance and Horde, etc.

It’s happening, folks!

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Just a heads up, we decided to move the raffle to just before the show! While we encourage people to stick around to the end of the night, we don’t want to appear as though we’re trying to ‘buy an audience’, and know that some people can’t stay all evening! Since the raffle requires the person to be present to win, we felt this was the fairest solution. :slight_smile:

Here comes the bonk. We’re genuinely excited for tonight- bring your friends, bring good cheer. Come one, come all.

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Let’s gooooo!

All the spooky hype!!

Was my first time attending, was super fun guys!! <3


Prizes for those who participated in the transmog tournament are still being handed out! Actually Kyreie I think you were a winner as well, so don’t worry, we’ll get that to you soon!

And grats to our raffle winner, Sträuss from Moon Guard server! We’ll be contacting you shortly about your prize! :slight_smile:

We did get a video of the fireworks display but…due to me running 3 clients to help manage handing out fireworks it did choke a little bit graphically. I’ll upload it all the same, though, as it gives you an idea of what it looked like to someone who wasn’t recording off a potato.

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Such a lovely event, it was a pleasure to find myself involved in TTT endeavors once again after being so savagely pulled from my semi-retirement.

Just goes to show, you can’t take the Troupe out of the Troupie.

Or something.


I had a blast tonight! Thank you to everyone who pitched in and put this together! It’s been a few years since I attended a TTT production, but it’s still as great as I remember it to be!

Also, it was my first time attending a cross-faction RP event. Loved seeing all the Hordies’ MRPs/TRPs! Going to have to stock up on more Elixir of Tongues to do more cross faction roleplay. :grin:


Bugs with some of the addons aside, I was surprised CrossRP worked out like it did tonight. We had a few moments where some of our cast members crashed and certain addons ceased working, but from what I could tell, all profile info stayed up, so that was a relief.

We hope everyone who had musician also enjoyed the compositions we used. B) Right from the mind of Grant Kirkhope, quite fitting for the atmosphere.


It was sooo good thank you for all the hard work ya’ll put into the production of all that went on tonight it was amazing!

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Dangit! I missed this! I am so sad now…