[N-Event] Brightmoon Shows 🤹 Next: April - Date TBA


  • If you want to be in on the race you do need to have the following requirements:
  • a boat or raft device. You can get one by doing the event quest (https://www.wowhead.com/news=265389/thousand-boat-bash-micro-holiday-june-6-8) *EDIT - you just get one anyway in teh zone… y’all are good.
  • You will need a Horde toon (sorry Alliance, but I need to see the rolls in a raid)
  • Be willing to share BTAG info with me to get your prize
  • The patience to do a dice event.

I will only be accepting 10 registrations! If you want in, let me know via btag spoonymog#1854

First prize is the firework toy from the Blizzard store!

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This may be incentive for those without water based mounts and/or lacks the desire to quest.

Just going into the zone is giving people boats when in the water. Its an auto buff!

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Show tonight! Bring ya kids, bring ya wife and bring ya husbands cause we entertainin’ everybody out here!

For posterity:

When: June 8th @ 6:30 (ST)
Where: Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge
Faction: Neutral
Contact: Mumsie (spoonymog#1854)

We are celebrating the fabulous Thousand Needles Boat Bash in style! We are putting on a show, fireworks and games for your enjoyment.

Event schedule (ISH):
6:00 - concessions, booths, fortune telling, race set-up
6:30 - Brightmoon grand boat race starts!
7:15 - seating for the variety show
8:15 - fireworks, game booths, vendors, fortune tellers

We encourage you to come out, drink, emote, interact! This is a warmode off event.

Bring your Elixiers of Tounges!

If you are interested in being a guest act or bringing a vendor booth for after the show, shoot me a line. If you want a card reading, also shoot me a line!

Thanks, everyone for coming, it was great to host this event. We had a ton of fun sharing the location with another guild and getting some RP in with new folks!

The grand prize winner of the boat race was Tizko (who will get a Alliance/Horde firework toy from the Blizz store), closely followed by Rictora and Golldie.

Thanks to all that came out! I hope the fish heads skit does not haunt your dreams.

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Excellent show, if I do say so myself.

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Great show tonight, fellas. Had a great time!

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Thanks for doing a guest performance with us! I hope we see you soon at other events.

Thanks for coming out!

Just a reminder for the weekend that we are having a Night Market soon and would love to have some vendor type folks join us!

For posterity:

A raspy voice calls out, “Hey you, I’ve got great deals here on watches.” the gnome that accompanies the voice unrolls a case displaying many different kinds of timepieces. He looks tired, bags under his eyes and pale as the full moon. “Watches not your thing? I have rings and necklaces too… maybe something nice for a special friend?”

Down the way, a goblin peddles a small caged animal rarely seen to a human in extravagant robes. Across from him an elf hands over a few sprigs of Blood Thistle to another of his kind.

In a dark corner lit by candlelight, a troll sits with her back against a box, pulling cards for a client and laying them on a rug before her.

And nearby the bar is rowdy with song and heated arguments, and a brawl is going on in the Circle of Wills where the yells of “Place yer bets here!” can be heard.

The Underbelly just got a little bit shader, the Brightmoon Night Market is in business.


When: June 30th @ 6:30 ST (vendors come for 6)
Where: (Old) Dalaran, Underbelly near the Cantrips and Crows.
Faction: Neutral (Bring your Elixers of Tounges)
Contact: Contact: Mumsie/Lindiwe (spoonymog#1854)
Warmode: Off

A haven to fence your goods, sell your experimental potions, or maybe do a little VooDoo for a client! Not selling? Come check out the market and discover that thing that you have always been missing… your friends brothers ring that was stolen 2 years ago.

This market is meant to be a bit on the edgy side, we welcome darker RP to this event. We also welcome lawful guilds that would like to collaborate a walk-through to “inspect”.

:bangbang: We are currently looking for vendors that want to be a part of our event! Please connect with Mumsie/Lindiwe.:bangbang:

Help us make this event a go by showing your support through likes, comments, and sharing!

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Looking for folks that want to fence their goods! (Maybe services). If you want to RP with Mumsie in-game to go over a vendor contact - I WOULD LOVE THAT, hit me up!

If you want to send an app through the ‘mail’ that is fine too, we have a Google form - message me for the link!


Let’s give this a little boost. There are tons of market events happening this month… Make our venue your choice!

Caturday reminder :smiley_cat:

If you are interested in vendoring and are hesitant to use BTAG or Discord you can in-game mail:

  • Mumsie or Lindiwe on Horde side
  • Kazandra on Alliance side

Please include your booth name, short description of what you are selling, and if those are actual in-game items or TRP3/RP items.

Time to start featuring some vendors:

Dregs Inc
Legendary equipment at bargain bin prices! Be the new kid on the block with the biggest, baddest bow in town! Equipment so good, we don’t even need to offer a refund policy. ((Horde item vendor))

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Is that because the wielder dies while in use of said bow??? ~_^

Jokes aside <3


I mean, maybe.

MORE FEATURED BOOTHS ON THE WAY. There is always room for more though.

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Is the Midsummer heat wearing you down? Good news! The Shal’dorei will cool this world… and you, dear Night Market guest, with the magic of ice cream!

Hope to see you there!


Next booth highlight:

Firebrand Enterprises
A proud collection of gourmet products including Bae’s Best Buds, Drinks by Perona, Aunt Teka’s Baked Good, and more!

Next vendor spotlight!

Senegio’s Booth of Food and Fortune
Come and get a snack, or get your fortune told and find a solution to your problems and see your future! Or both. ((Horde items, neutral service))

There is still lots of room to get your vendoring on!

Next booth spotlight:

Brightmoon Limited Edition “Cure All” Elixirs
Stomach aches? Headaches? Foot aches? Phantom limb aches? Maybe you have a touch of the Old Gods insanity? No matter, come get your Brightmoon Limited Edition “Cure All” Elixirs and feel great in no time flat.*

*Results vary, consult your local witch doctor to fins out if BMLECAE is right for you. Not recommended for old, young, pregnant, those that want to someday be pregnant, those that DON’T want that, and certainly anyone that wants to continue breathing.


We will be having a raffle and hoping to get a round robin going for some fights in the ring for some prize money!