[N-Event] Brightmoon Shows 🤹 Next: April - Date TBA

Is that because the wielder dies while in use of said bow??? ~_^

Jokes aside <3


I mean, maybe.

MORE FEATURED BOOTHS ON THE WAY. There is always room for more though.

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Is the Midsummer heat wearing you down? Good news! The Shal’dorei will cool this world… and you, dear Night Market guest, with the magic of ice cream!

Hope to see you there!


Next booth highlight:

Firebrand Enterprises
A proud collection of gourmet products including Bae’s Best Buds, Drinks by Perona, Aunt Teka’s Baked Good, and more!

Next vendor spotlight!

Senegio’s Booth of Food and Fortune
Come and get a snack, or get your fortune told and find a solution to your problems and see your future! Or both. ((Horde items, neutral service))

There is still lots of room to get your vendoring on!

Next booth spotlight:

Brightmoon Limited Edition “Cure All” Elixirs
Stomach aches? Headaches? Foot aches? Phantom limb aches? Maybe you have a touch of the Old Gods insanity? No matter, come get your Brightmoon Limited Edition “Cure All” Elixirs and feel great in no time flat.*

*Results vary, consult your local witch doctor to fins out if BMLECAE is right for you. Not recommended for old, young, pregnant, those that want to someday be pregnant, those that DON’T want that, and certainly anyone that wants to continue breathing.


We will be having a raffle and hoping to get a round robin going for some fights in the ring for some prize money!

Happening now!

Looking forward to it! I loved the last one you all had going in Dalaran a while back!

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We are looking for a guest act that wants to showcase with us for this months show!


This is going to be a great show!

Just a little reminder that this is coming soon!

We are also hosting the next FRIENDSHIP FUNDAY right before our infamous show!

July 28 @ 5:00 WrA time in Dalaran!

We are planning to hang out in the Ledgermain, have a bartender, refreshments and do some fortune telling right before we go to the big show at 6:30.

Our toons are offering plot seeds through the fortunes, and there will also be out of character help from some of our more expeinced players in our guild in case anyone has questions related to role-playing. We will also have common roleplaying consumables (inky blacks, etc) to sample.

Fundays were created with the idea to welcome new role-players, returning players, and overall foster friendships among the community.

For more info about fundays look here:


First of I wanna thank Firebrand and everyone who came to the Midsummer Nights Revelry. Great venue, even better performances and an amazing audience. What a great experience!

I hope to see new and familiar faces at the event on the 28th. I highly recommend the Friendship Funday event for people new to Roleplay in Warcraft. Ordering a drink from our bartender is a great icebreaker to get into character. Even if you aren’t new, everyone is welcome of course!

Oh and of course don’t miss the main show afterwards! The fearless flying Goblin lady Pepperbomb will be performing impossible feats and death defying stunts! That’s me! I’ll also be hosting a game booth after the show “The Glider Challenge!”, where those brave enough can try to win a prize!


You may very likely see a few Sunreavers walking around, enjoying the Faire.

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Oh yes, please. I hear they like to spend money and gamble.


Tonight! We are also hosting the Friendship Funday right before our event at 5 ST. Check those details out here: ❤ Friendship Fundays! (Events) - #19 by Kelá-wyrmrest-accord


First of I wanna thank Firebrand and everyone who came to the Midsummer Nights Revelry.

We were happy to do it!

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Thanks everyone for coming to the Friendship Funday and the show tonight, we had a blast as per usual! Our new acts were amazing, and thank again to our guest act Jester.

Our next show is next month, hope you can make it out! And if you have a little carnie hanging around that wants to help us put on a show, we’d love to have you. Guild info can be found here: [N-Guild] Brightmoon Faire 🤹 - Now accepting casual RP folks!

Thank you for hosting a cross-faction event in Dalaran! So great to be there along with so many great people.

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