Mythic+ will never be a proper E-sport unless

After a couple of years off to finish my degree, I come back to compete for mythic+. The first thing I notice while trying to heal my groups is pop-ups constantly getting in the way. Literally over the top and rediculous with how many keep appearing. Stop the RP nonsense. In normal mode I get it. In competitive time based runs. Hurrying up to wait for RP sequences is again out of line. Especially when people have ran the same dungeons 100’s of times. Dont even get me started on any cut sequences. Some of these old dungeons are rediculous for instance, the one where you go back in time and have to run through stormwind. The RP and time it takes to run this is out of line. Whenever I get this dungeon I literally afk out and eat my 30 min deserter because that is quicker than it takes to run it, and in many cases longer than it takes to even really get started. Are their addons to “help” with some of my concerns? Yes. However as a security engineer, and competitive gamer, those two options are non-acceptable. There should be a standard and customizable interface, no addons should be allowed in competitive play. Who knows what might be in someones random code.

Rp sequences are baked into dungeon timers btw, there are plays around doing rp things like pulling more count while rp is happening.

Idk why you mentioned a dungeon that isn’t even in m+ content either? I think you’re referring to the culling of stratholme?

Of all the issues in dungeons, this is not one of them. Try again.

M+ will never be an esport because class/spec balance barely exists, if only to not harm the sacred cow that is raiding.

Massive class/spec balance changes should be happening on a monthly basis, minimum.