Mythic Warrior LF new home Late night

(Bulldozerü) #1

Hi im dozer been trying to find a new guild coming into Dazarlor i play all specs Have a few Cutting edges and am looking for a guild that is like minded like myself .i love to raid as u can see by my armory . current Prog Before i stoped raiding 6/10/18 .3/4m 2%wipe on vectus/was alliance and did not enjoy being alliance I am only looking For Horde guilds 7+PST any days.

i like to keep relevant will clear H every week and do Max keys and will keep up to date

Am only looking for Mythic guilds no Heroic or normal thanks am happy to chat on discord post here and am happy to add u and talk. and answer any questions u have for me or i have for u thanks


Hey dude, would like to chat. dpl#11225