Mythic tier raiders LFGuild <Horde>

we are looking for a mythic raiding guild. A few will only raid heroic. Classes are, Holy pally, 2x bm hunter, tank druid, and a assassination rogue. and a guy who can literally play every class cuz he has 0 life all characters are 400+

my rogue buddy is 6/9m and im also a mythic healer from previous content. all are aotc+ hit me up if you’d like to know more. i can’t wait to find a new happy home! we love doing mythic+ and all have multiple alts that can run to fill groups.

sometime around 9pm 10pm est start time.

look forward to hearing from peeps.

heybob#1452- bnet

Hello Heybob! I sent you a friend request but thought I would leave my recruitment information here for you to browse.

We raid tues/thurs 9pm-12am server

Chill group of ppl whose guild died after 6/9m. We formed our own team within the guild of Toast.

Toast is a massive guild, 3k ppl, multiple raid groups and raid times. So its mega active. Since we rebuilt our team we just been farming BoD constantly doing 4/9m while we get more ppl to join and prep a good decent roster for 8.2

If you looking for a chill mom and pop feel raid, within a massive guild, then you will be a perf fit here

Hit me up if ur interested Figgims#1231 is the bnet

still looking