Mythic + Season Best Rating didn't increase

MY guild and I completed an overtime +15 Sanguine Depths, we all got Valor and I saw the notification that I received +40 rating for the overtime completion (previous best for Tyrannical was +10) and even after turning off addons, being completely out of the game for 12+ hours, and being on different toons my Mythic + best still hasn’t updated.

My Great Vault states I am getting +15 loot however for completing the Overtime SD. I need this rating issue corrected please.

If you exceed the completion timer by too much, you won’t receive a rating. It’s showing that you were 48% overtime, which is probably too high. The 14 was only 13% over, which is why it still had a rating. Also, you can still get loot in the vault from the dungeon if within a certain percentage over while not getting rating for it. The support article says the overtime limits vary by dungeon, so I’m not sure what the cutoff point is.

Edit: I just checked a 13 I did where a DPS disconnected after the second boss and we completed at 47% over with no rating. I also did a “learning” completion dungeon that was 120% over and I still got a vault item for completing that level, but of course no rating.

We did get rating in chat though which is what was odd. How did you see how much % overtime it was?

That does seem odd and could be the bug! I checked the profile to see the run details. I have been curious myself what the cutoff is for rating and wanted to compare the timing on the ones I’d done that went over. If you hover over the time for the run, it will say the percentage over time.