Mythic Plus Anima Powers

Any consensus on the best combination? I’ve been consistently picking stone ward, champions brand, satchel of the hunt and overflowing chalice.

Need to play around with Sanguine and Hubris more. Seemed a bit underwhelming.

What has everyone been using?

I feel healer anima powers are very underwhelming or just boring.
The mana orbs are ok and useful, pretty much infinite mana.

But then I just go 30% MS to the party -> Shield one -> Sanguine thing.

It’s always the same every dungeon.
Thought powers were gonna be more fun and random like torghast but no.

Also some lieutenants position in the dungeon are very weird and obnoxious. Only inferno and ice are kinda dangerous, the other 2 are very easy.

Prideful was way more fun and engaging.

So far, sanguine ichor bottle one for the free dps with a bit of side healing as well. Speeds up the run.

The movement one is dependent on dungeon. Something like ToP I take it. If we’re not pulling back to back, I’ll take the faster food one. If it’s a dungeon of non-stop pulls, like SD, then I take the mana one.

I also favor the one that stores healing the longer you’re stationary. Allows you to do more dps and heal somebody by doing something you’d naturally do. Very underrated.

All that said, I do find it undewhelming. Prideful was much more impactful and engaging when it showed up. It also really changed how you approached the dungeon after it. This one just feels lackluster compared to it. Need more available power pools for healers at the very least.

As Holy I found the best power ups to be:

  • 30% group movement speed increase -> Pretty useful for avoiding mechanics and chain pulling
  • Sanguine Bottle -> Gives you a solid dps upgrade
  • Mana orb power -> Infinite mana time
  • +50% self healing power-> Let’s you heal right through boss mechanics without any issues that would otherwise hurt you.
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I think this thing’s proc rate has to be affected by haste or something, because it does nearly no damage or healing for me even when I’m standing with the melee for packs. The only thing I can really think of is I ended up replacing my high haste gloves/helmet with higher ilvl, so my haste is around 10% now.

I love the one that lets me jump around!

I havent seen that in the dungeons though.

I usually get the secondary stat one if ur over 70%, and the running speed for the group and the self-healing so I dont have to die.