Mythic-Only Sarkareth Mount Customization

There are Enchant Transmogs that are tied to PvP rating.

There are PvP enchant appearances.

Yes, but not very rare, no?

Depends how you define rare. It requires 2.1k rating.

Static rewards should definitely be the bread and butter of any type of content, but it’s nice to have a few rare drops too.

We agree with a lot of the feedback around this.

The Highland Drake: Embodiment of the Hellforged dragonriding manuscript has a very low chance to drop from Sarkareth on Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic raid difficulties.

Mythic raiders will always receive two manuscripts per Sarkareth kill until the end of the expansion.


I ummm…Well…Thank you for listening Devs! I look forward to farming this.


That’s a great approach since Mythic has another set of rules and that 100% drop rewards the challenge while other difficulties have a chance while the content its current. Great news, thanks Kaivax.


Perfect! Thank you! Keep the recent trends going!


in before “you have to tell us exactly how low or it’s bait and switch”

in before “it needs to be higher”

good change, thank you :slight_smile:


Oh, neat. I imagine a lot of people will enjoy farming it. :dracthyr_yay_animated:

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Keep on tilting at windmills, my friend!


I’m okay with it dropping in other difficults, but the approach like this should come with maybe a special mythic only effect for the mount.

Otherwise it devalue’s alot the achivement of mythic raiding, seeing a more casual raider running around with the skin while you still progress that boss that drops it 100%.

Gladi’s have their Glad Mounts I would like to have aswell, yet I’m not able to achive that and that’s okay.

So if we compare those 2 scenarios it would be great there is a cosmetic that says “yeah he did it on mythic”.

Maybe a Partical effect, a colour variant or unarmored version.

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Would it be so hard to give the guaranteed mythic drop at least a different colour or particle effects a la 2500/CE achievement reward for the shoulder/helm appearances? At least SOMETHING to differentiate them if you’re going to go back on the ‘second tier mythic-only mount’ tradition.

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So the devs cave in to the raiders within 24 hours but ignore mythic+ people that have been asking for a dragonriding skin since before launch?


I think that’s a good change. But on the counterpart that mount should drop from cutting edge not just 2 and the Razageth mount model should be added retrospectively to Vault cutting edge.

Assuming that this was always intended to be a mythic mount, this isn’t a good precedent to set.

Prestige rewards are healthy, and caving and removing the prestige and making it an afk, highroll and get reward because some people threw a hissy fit isn’t ideal.


I still believe they should just approach it like they do tier: different coloration for each different raid level, with Mythic also rewarding not only a skin but an actual mount, as well.

why are we allergic to making the hardest content in the game have exclusive rewards


People can go back and farm it later anyway. It isn’t going away at the end of the season.