Mythic Holy Pally Looking for Classic top 50 US


Hello, not sure how many people will be reading this but my name is Nick. I am 25 years old. And i am currently searching for a future top 50 US hardcore raiding guild for Classic. My main character is a Holy pally (Achylles) and will be the same for Classic. Also i will have a mage as an alternative. I have been away for the last two expansions but still have the raw talent and skills acquired over my 13 years of playing this game. I don’t have much as far as recent logs however i was able to uncover my old World of logs profile and luckily there are still some of my older logs. There are also a few videos of some of my old guilds first kills as well on wowprogress (I will attach the links to both at the bottom of the post). I am a dedicated raider and usually am present for close to if not 100 percent of raids. I work during the weekend where i am pretty unavailable, but i do have monday-thursday completely free to raid. I hope to find the right guild that i can push my character to it’s limits with while enjoying the game how it was supposed to be. If i have interested you at all and you’d like to take a look at my logs and videos please send me a reply and i can send them to you, the forum will not let me post links. Logs range from rank 4 NA+.