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I have read many articles in here about rage quitters in Mythic+ dungeons because it happens often for no reason. I was looking for a solution and found a few suggestions like join a guild that does that or go with friends. My friends in here do not play at that level and my guild is small. So, I am suggesting the following: get a group of 15-20 people that wish to play Mythic+ dungeons on a regular basis. They would not be in the same guild. They would not even be in the same realm. They would however like to complete Mythic+ and not have rage quitters, not have any player bashing other players, but instead would suggest how to correct the small mistake. This group would carry no one. Everyone would have made the effort to get to at least level +10 by themselves, and would hopefully move on to levels higher like +15, +20, and so on. We could however help them to level their alts by running some +3, +5, +7, etc. What I am not sure about is how to get this group together. Do we use the friends feature of WoW, do we use Facebook, do we use Discord? What tool can this group of players use to make getting together easy? Most of my toons are Alliance but my son plays Horde so I can try to get enough people for both factions. If people are interested in getting this together or have suggestions, send Prysme-Eredar a message in game, I will try to get this organized. Or, respond to this post. In this time of frustration with the COVID-19 virus, we need positive playing time.

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When I was horde I was in Am oce m+ community that seldom had less that 30 people online for that exact purpose. Maybe look up if there is one you can join?


Thank you Aveldruid, how do I find those?

I got added to it by a guy I was doing a key with. Other than that Idk. Maybe just try trade chat and see if someone is in one and can add you? Idk tbh. Good luck though

You sound like you want to have a group of hostages that cant leave your disastrous keys.

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@Cliph, you are the kind of person I am trying to avoid, I am looking for some people that can work together and maybe - gulp - start being virtual friends… Is that a concept that is so hard to find in WoW nowadays? When enough people in the group is online, we form a group and do a Mythic+ - the concept is pretty simple

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If you play better, you make friends and people dont leave.


I only leave keys when people are clearly trolling or don’t know the mechanics. I’m not trying to spend 2+ hours in a dungeon that’s supposed to take <30 mins; that’s not what I signed up for. The people that are so triggered by players leaving need to put “completion” in the title or explain that before the key starts. If someone knowingly signs up for a “completion” key and they have high-standards, that’s on them. Leaving a key when it’s not for time is messed up in my opinion. But so is setting up people to unknowingly carry you. I think the solution is people need to find like-minded players to do content with. Trying to pair up with someone with different goals usually doesn’t end well.

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Funny how negative comments come in these forums naturally… but on to better stuff. Thank you @ShadyCrits for your comment and to @AvelDruid for your suggestion. I will keep looking for those people that are like-minded and that play well like myself and that wish to progress. I will find a way to create these groups since none exist in-game already. I may even create an Addon.

If you manage to find these people, let me know. It’s pretty boring playing by oneself all the time. :\

I’ve been in a couple different discord servers that give you a place to organize keys and you can blacklist players for dropping. I’m sure they also have no problem for flagging people who sit there and do under 20k as a dps or don’t know what active mitigation as a tank or just sit there and spam flash heal as a healer as well.

No, it sounds like he’d like to learn to do higher keys with other people who want to learn how to do higher keys.

Instead of asking to punish people for leaving, he’s looking for a group of people who are in his situation. It’s exactly the right way to move forward and should be encouraged.

Save the snark for the people who deserve it.


Wow, there are so many nice people still around… warms my heart :relaxed:. I will look more into discord, I was told about it about 3 weeks ago when I first started to do Mythic+ I will see if a group exists or … as you say… a server. If not, maybe I can create one. Thank you everyone for your help - there is hope in this game after all !!!

There is a mythic+ lfg discord called mythicplusfriends with about 23k people. I’ve done a few runs with them so far and only had one bad encounter to date.

Seems to be way less drama there than in the dungeon finder tool.

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Just going to say, this isn’t always the case.

Fault is assigned incorrectly all the time. Happened in a SOTS I was in last week. 2700 hunter pulls the elemental mini boss so we can skip. He does it wrong then blames me when it aggros to me… while i’m still stealthed mind you.

The tank and the hunter got all whiny about it until the other dps called them out and said it was the hunters fault. You can play perfect and still get blamed. Point is, people leave for a multitude of reasons.

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It sees through stealth, but if there was a hunter involved, it was likely his fault.

I’m aware of that. The point was it was impossible for me to be in combat while stealthed. Just because you’re in range of a mob, doesn’t put you in combat, unless your in the same combat state. Since the hunter face pulled instead of actually hitting the target, everyone in the party was in the same combat state. It could have picked anyone of us. It just happened to pick me.

You prob had hots rolling on you.

Truer words have never been spoken. I blame hunters for things when we don’t have one in the group all the time lol.

being in ranged of an un ccd mob is enough to get you into combat, as far as i know.