Mythic+ Gear upgrades | Shadowlands Currency

So I had an idea concerning gear coming from Mythic+.

First some facts…

  • PvP gear will be able to be purchase-able and up-gradable for I assume each season or continually all expansion long.
  • Raid gear will always be replaced via new tiers of item level and stats.
  • Mythic+ gear is always the same only that the base item level is boosted to keep pace with new major patches.

So here is my idea.

Allow items that come from Mythic+ to become up-gradable up to that season Ilvl cap.

This is done by involving disenchant from an enchanter where you place your item in the non trade-able window in trade (if you not an enchanter yourself) and upon completing the disenchanting process, you get the normal shards/dust etc. from the disenchanted item & in addition, you get Anima or w/e currency that will only work with upgrading items from M+.

  • This can be in a currency tab so no need to worry about bag space.
  • It should have a maximum amount you can hold to prevent abusing upgrades between patches.
  • The amount you get is dictated by the level of M+ you ran to acquire the item you disenchant.

Why go through all the trouble in adding this feature? See below…

What if you got the best item for your class/spec in an Mythic+ dungeon. You ran that single dungeon over and over until you finally got it. Only the next week/month w/e later the patch comes out and its quickly outdated and thus you have to start your runs all over again an hope you get a high role.
This causes burnout and avoiding other M+ 5 mans and as a result gets boring quickly.

  • You will have more fun in running these with friends in a more of a helpful/fun manner as the item you receive should always be a net gain via the item itself, or the currency to upgrade current/future items you get.
  • This will grant a linear (or exponential) drive to push for higher keys as it will always be worth your time.

Some examples…

  • linear - You get “Trinket” at ilvl 350. Max Ivl potential is 370. Disenchant will get you 1 currency for each ilvl higher then base ilvl of 230. So a net of 40 currency.

  • exponential - You get “Trinket” at ilvl 350. Max Ivl potential is 370. Disenchant will get you 1 currency for each ilvl higher then base ilvl of 230. Double the amount above ilvl 240 for every 10 ilvl. So a net of 170 currency.

The numbers can be tweaked.
But the idea is to allow you to only carry the items you want in your bags because you like how they work for you and just upgrade them as you go and maybe every now and then you get lucky and get a high roll of something you were going to upgrade anyway and its a bonus instead of a sigh of relief that you actually got it.



Will never happen because that exact same system keeps you running the content over and over and over again. I totally agree with you about burnout, but apparently Blizzard does not believe such a thing exists.

The goal is to prevent running it over and over again and getting junk after junk and feel like your wasting time.
Instead, once you get the item you want. You can keep it to the end of the Xpac and just run Mythic+ enough times to upgrade it to current capped ilvl. And of course, the higher keyed runs will get you to the end quicker without rolling the dice every run against the loot drop chance and other players your with.
Then, your done. Goal achieved.
Any runs after that would be to upgrade other items or to help out others.

It’s not a bad idea. Trying to get the same trinkets over and over again with every new patch is a bit of a bummer. Personally I’d like to see Blizz mix up the loot tables a little bit from patch to patch.