Mythic Experienced Frost/Arcane Mage Looking for 2 day raid on Alliance Sargeras

I can be rather long winded so if you want the short version, just read the important information.

Sun - All day
Mon/Wed/Fri - After 3pm server (central time)
Tue/Thur - between 3pm server and 10PM server (Central time)
Saturday - unavailable.

Important information:

I’m looking for a decently dedicated group of raiders to raid with, and more importantly, some people that I might one day call friends. I am looking for a group that can get through 33-50% (minimum… happy to go to full CE) mythic on a given raid tier before the next raid is released. I’m happy to join a CE clearing guild, but would prefer not to have large gaps (2+ months) in raiding in-between patches if possible, obviously this is impossible to time thanks to the high variance in content release dates.

I mostly want to be there for progression, and am not looking to be carried though content, as this is one of my primary enjoyments of raiding. Thus, I am mostly focusing on those guilds that are 10/10H AND 0/10M through 5/10 mythic so that there is still plenty of progression left to be a part of. I will consider guilds that are further progressed if we seem to mesh exceptionally well, to look forward to progression in future tiers.

My availability is open most days after 3PM, excluding Saturdays. I have another raid I do on Tues/Thur from 10pm-1am server. As it says in the subject, want to stick to 2 progression (mandatory) days. I understand that most groups have a “crunch time” at the end of a tier, and would usually be willing to temporally pick up an extra day here and there. I would prefer to stay alliance-Sargeras, and aside from something astronomical happening, I’m not going to be super interested in transferring or going horde at this time.

Sunday: My time commitment to raiding is very important to me. And I will usually have near perfect attendance when I am actively raiding. To accomplish this, I tend to turn down things IRL that would come up during raid days. However, I make an exception for weekends. While I am technically available to raid on Sundays, there are times that I will be getting back late from a weekend trip, and will need to partially or fully miss a Sunday raid night. This would happen very infrequently (twice in 6 months last time I had a Sunday raid,) but I want to be very clear with my intentions.

Logs: I will try out for the group, Do M+ (I’m 1200+ Io currently), or hang out in discord or do whatever is required to make sure the guild and I are a good fit. I am raiding with a mostly casual group with some friends on Tue/Thur at the aforementioned times with a shadow priest. I am happy to provide my logs for this character to show my performance. I expect to perform as well or better on a mage, but I am currently slightly less geared (219ilvl) and do not have the same ability to generate consistent logs on the mage. (note, Cannot include links here, so you’ll have ty type out the early part)

SP: warcraftlogs com/character/us/sargeras/aktipus#difficulty=4
Mage: warcraftlogs com/character/us/sargeras/phauksi#difficulty=4

Extra Information some people ask but you might not care about:

Raid experience and performance:

Aside from legion (skipped that expac,) and Ny’alotha (skipped that tier,) I have been in a progression guild of some manner or another for every single raiding tier wow has ever put out from 5 4-hour days in Classic to 2 3-hour days in Cata. If you want my exact progression for any particular tier simply ask. For the most recent tiers, I am currently 10/10H 5/10M (Nathria). I was 5/8M in Uldir, 8/9M BoD, and 7/8M in EP.

I have run (lead) my own raid starting in ICC and took over the guild starting in Cataclysm. I continued to guild and raid lead until late WoD. The guild was called Fail Squad-Lightninghoof and started out as a more casual group of F&F. We managed to transition into a much more competitive team while still maintaining that close knit group relationship. I played various needed roles including a rogue, disc priest, and Brewmaster monk. And at our best we were in the top 2% world.

I understand the riggers and frustrations of leading a group, And while I can be outspoken, I am 100% ok with sitting back and following directions. However, I am happy to do any sort of raid calls/NPC marking/ground marks as requested and i’m extraordinarily good at multi-taking in this manner. In my current group, I’ve stepped up to fill a need and do most of the raid calls for them, I feel my contribution is a significant positive factor in our current progress. I also LOVE figuring out new strats and will often know every mechanic to fight front to back including timings before we start working on it. While I mostly just use this information for my own info, it can be nice to have someone who knows these things on the fly. And if anyone ever wanted toss some strat ideas around, I’d probably adopt them as my favorite person to whisper at :slight_smile:

I manage to parse very well and semi-regularly get orange parses but mostly sit in the epic parse range. Provided I’m not asked to do some dps limiting mechanic, I tend to rank in the 90% every fight.

I feel I am fairly adept at my job and learn quickly, However I have no problem taking criticism or admitting when I screw up. I try to play at a high skill level, but realize that there’s always room for improvement. It kind of comes with the territory of bring a F&F guild up to a competitive raid team.


I love pushing keys, Reminds me of Challenge modes back in MoP and I find them to be very enjoyable. making paths, organizing skips, trying to squeeze the best strat you can out of them… I tend to keep a tank and dps spec ready to do these regardless of which class I’m playing. I would love to have a few people to run with who share this interest. Currently I’m 1200 + io on both of the characters I play, and I’m leveling a key healer for the sole purpose of being able to push to the late teens and early 20 keys.


I’m kind of a goof ball and I love to joke around a lot. I try not to use curse words but they’re a part of my every day life and I make no promises. My favorite raid environment is one that can talk and laugh about things and maybe try out something fun on a fight here and there, but gets serious and down to business when the stakes are on.

I do not like getting screamed at. I’m perfectly capable of being told off, or chided especially when appropriate, but I will not tolerate anyone who feels the need to scream into a microphone or belittle someone for making a mistake, even if that someone is not me. Riggnaros, for example, would never be my raid leader.

While I want to kill internet dragons, I really would like to meet some people I enjoy playing with. A group that’s a bit more close knit, and possibly meets up occasionally IRL would probably be my ultimate preference.

I’ll do many things for a laugh. If I do join you guys don’t be surprised to hear me crack jokes as if we’ve known each other for years. If I’m on a mage, You might also want to check the first portal I put down after raids to make sure it’s where you want to go, and if i’m on a priest, you might find yourself life-gripped into the fire on non-progression bosses :P. Most people find my jokes infectious and we tend to get along great. Occasionally someone feels I might act a bit too familiar too soon. I tend to take note of who is happy to joke around and who is not rather quickly, to avoid any personality conflicts.

What I like about raiding:

At the end of the day I like the excitement of downing a new boss, reaching a new goal. Sometimes I have to make those up, (like doing better dps on a boss.) And sometimes they have to be incremental especially during progression, (such as progressing a tiny bit further on a new boss.) I raid to progress, or do better, not for gear, which is why I do not want to be in a group that is too far ahead, there’s nothing left for me to enjoy. I do not care much for loot, except for it’s necessity in order to perform better, survive forever as a tank, or be as close to the top of the dps/hps as I can be. That being said, I’m not a fan of being on the bench for progression, and I strive to be the person that a group would want to be there when learning.

Deal Breakers

  1. One thing that I’ve run into recently that I’ve found is a deal breaker for me. I do not do Push to talk. Maybe it’s because I’m older, and I know what I enjoy and what frustrates me. Or maybe it’s just what i’m used to. But I’ve had a long and storied practice with using voice activation. I have my voice activation set up with my headset and it’s set up very well. I raid with a closed door. I do not have kids or pets. I do not queue up unexpectedly, and the entire left ear cup of my headset is a mute button. Honestly, most people would never know that I wasn’t PTT.

That being said, I don’t have a spare keybind to use when I’m speaking at raid while still doing my rotation. At the end of the day, I’m not willing to run on a PTT enforced server. If you have a PTT discord, it is possible to make an exception for a user, and if there’s an issue, we could cross that bridge when we get there (I know there wouldn’t be).

  1. Another important note is that I play specs, not classes. I understand that some people feel that should you choose a class, you should be willing to switch to any of the specs at a moments notice. I am willing to swap to some specs for the occasional fight or to, or even to swap my spec completely. but there are some specs that I am completely unwilling to play. I am typically very upfront about these very early, so that none of these potential conflicts will ever be a surprise. Wow is my primary hobby, and while I strive to perform exceptionally at every turn, I also strive to enjoy my time playing, and there are some specs that ruin this for me. Thus While I am willing to play frost or arcane on my mage, I will not be playing fire regardless of the meta shifts, I’d sooner swap to a different class.

As a note, I understand that if I am among the lowest performers that do not bring any fight specific tools to the fight, that I will be on the chopping block for that fight. I understand that it will be my responsibility to increase my performance, and if I am unable or unwilling to do so, I will be sat. I am completely ok with this. Given my track record, it is rare that I perform less than the top 25% of the dps in a raid, regardless of what spec I’m playing, or what’s optimal, so I highly doubt this situation will ever come up.

What I am not ok with is being sat because I am not playing the “optimal” spec, regardless of my performance. I also do not accept that I am unwilling to “play for the guild” or “be a team player” because I am unwilling to play a spec I dislike. I will willingly switch classes should it be required before I will play a spec I dislike. I wish to be upfront with these feelings to avoid any potential conflicts.

You may also contact Bokken#1607 in game or Phauks#4079 (discord) if that is preferable.

Good morning.
My guild is currently recruiting ranged dps. We are 3/10M currently, soon to be 4/10 hopefully tonight. You post makes it sounds like you would be a good fit for our guild environment. We are alliance on proudmoore raiding wed/sun 6-930 pst. I sent you a friend request on discord if you’d like to chat more. RaijinEnd#6451

Hi Raijinend. I really appreciate the interest and the bump.

I’m really hoping to stay on Sargeras so that my other characters and professions can all help each other, but if I have to expand my search I’ll be reaching out! thanks again.

You bet. Best of luck in your search and happy videogaming!

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Hey Phauksi, hit me up in game or discord love to chat we are 2/10m finished bfa 10/12m. Raid only 2 days a week tues/sunday 7-10 server on sargeras alliance.

btag shortbuslock#1380
discord Theshortbus#2370


Hi Short,

Thanks for your interest, and the bump. I’ll be reaching out to talk more this week (perhaps even this evening if time permits!)

Hey Phauksi,

Love your post and all the information you volunteered.

Lemme refer you to Cohortes Praetoriae

We’re raiding Heroic (9/10) right now, intent on moving to Mythic quickly - I think our intent is to hit Mythic this week just to break up the headknocking on Sire Heroic. We raid W/Th 9pm to midnight CST – but we’ve also got a strong lot pushing keys and looking for more who want to join us in the dungeons. And we have a (right now) small nucleus of PVP oriented types (myself included) and trying to get more.

The guild is that right mix of chill and understanding people who are serious about improvement, advancing content, and getting good. We’re also intent on building a team that endures. This isn’t some temporary waystation for tryhards. This is a “home” for quality people. I think from your post you’ve got the capacity for the long view, so I hope you’ll factor that in and if the rest of this sounds about right to you, I hope you’ll reach out.

To give you a sense of my own story, not that long ago I was an orc. Been horde for a decade. Then I started talking to this dwarf named Sloppi. You know what I was thinking? Ally. Sargeras. Scum of the earth. Now, having run with 'em a little while, I might still call them scum of the earth. but they’d just laugh. Bunch of F’in pirates, really, for all that the guild name is some Roman honorific. I ended up transferring to the Dark Side and, well, the dark side is good.

Here’s a link to our (more official) recruitment post: 9/10H Looking for Ranged DPS to round out 20 man roster! W/Th 9-midnight CST/ST! - Sargeras - World of Warcraft Forums (

If you have any interest, I can answer questions you might have, or I’d refer you to the aforementioned Sloppi, who does most of our recruiting and is way better at it than I am:

Contact Sloppi on:

Discord - fiikfiic#1242 (that’s four i’s)

Battlenet - fiikfiic#1815

I hope we hear from you, and good luck. There are tons of great guilds out there and I hope you find the right one for you.


Hi Broadsides!

Your story is really cool and I’m super glad you found a group you like to play wth. This sloopi guy sounds pretty awesome if he can convert a diehard (if red it’s dead) horde.

I too used to play horde, although for different reasons, so I can understand what It’s like to be a convert.

I really appreciate your interest and the bump and the awesome story of the guild. While a group of cool people to play M+ with would be nice, I’d really like to be able to push mythic progression content if I can, and those times simply conflict with my availability right now. But thanks for all the information/story/bump!


BUMP!! (at least 10 characters)

Phauksi … no sweat and good luck … I understand how timeframes can trump any other concern. But in other news, we’re done with Heroic and starting Mythic this week.

Well, The group I was running with for 2 weeks decided to push back their raid time and I am no longer able to make it for one of the days. So I’m back to looking. So… Bump!