Mysterious treasure map

(Cattywompus) #1

This weekly quest was a decent step in the right direction, but can we seriously have a few options about which quest we receive? I’m guarantee we are all tired of getting gold, or some ugly transmog piece, except for the 1 guy that managed to get squawks from the quest.

We would definitely like some options here, blizz!

(Mcsalty) #2

getting the gold reward sucks and theres even worse rewards (green transmog) some mounts would be nice!!!

(Cattywompus) #3

There’s 1 screen shot of a dude getting squawks, the rest of the comments are people getting titan residium or xmog crap. The hamster wheel keeps turning!

(Zunde) #4

Last week i got Qinshao’s hound from the map quest.

But i do the weekly map on 8 120s

(Vyline) #5

It’s a treasure map. This is one of the few instances that I agree with RNG. However, the treasure should be better. At least we don’t find “Someone has found the treasure before you.”.



Omg I’m dead.

(Cattywompus) #7

You can get any of the rewards, but the chances of getting something relatively cool are abysmal.

(Zinj) #8

I got green pants. The cost was like 400 resources. I didn’t even bother with it

(Reese) #9

They should remove the transmogs from this. Its such a let down. It should offer Azerite, Titan Residue or Pets/Mounts and really nothing else.