My wishlist for havoc

i really would like to see havoc have a viable “no mover build” that also has some flavor and depth to it.

i can respect the momentum/inertia build because its really unique and can be extremely rewarding when done correctly.

There are, however, some encounters in endgame content where dmg derived from movement is just not good.

One example would be mythic smolderon, you can’t really press fel rush or vengeful retreat when you are soaking in phase 1 - and if you aren’t soaking in phase one, then you have the circle around you and do dmg to other people if you move on top of them. Space around smolderon is quite tight given that most melee are all around him - very rarely do you have a situation where there aren’t people around all sides of smolderon.

i would like to see an option for a no mover build that is both viable in terms of damage and has some depth and flavor to the rotation.

right now, a person can spec into a “no-mover” build for havoc and still do pretty competitive damage - it’s not that much of a loss.

but my issue with that build is that there is really nothing to it - 99% of the time you are doing nothing but

  1. waiting for demon blades to generate enough fury for chaos strike (so basically doing nothing); OR
  2. Pressing chaos strike.

that’s just not really a fun rotation. it’s basically a one-button spec where you spend more time auto-attacking than pressing your one button.

I just want inertia/momentum/initiative/Unbound Chaos to be deleted. At least we have good throughput currently, but the playstyle is toxic.

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When this expansion is over, please god don’t have throw glaive built into our rotation again. Tier set is the current bandaid for that but pressing throw glaive in melee range is the biggest downside. I’d actually rather deal with momentum than having throw glaive a required part of my rotation.

What? we love inertia/momentum/initiative/Unbound Chaos. In fact without these talents the class is boring. We should double/triple down on movement abilities providing more damage. /s