My sister's account has been stolen

My sister’s email was hacked and her account was stolen. She has put in a ticket or two, but hasn’t gotten any responses to her request for help.

She recently moved due to an upcoming divorce from Drexel Hill, PA to Baker FL. We believe her soon-to-be ex-husband has hacked into her email account (although this is speculation, admittedly) and stolen her blizzard account. She has switched to a new email address and used a brand new password in order to protect her account in the future. This may be the source of non-response from Blizzard, as it doesn’t match anything they have on file - but she cannot log into HER account because the email address associated with it has been changed by the hacker. We have screenshots of her (former) email address and the verification emails sent to that address by Blizzard at the time of the change.

She has not used any gold-selling websites ever.

Our current IP is located in Hammond, LA (why? We don’t know. We live in Baker, FL, but it is satellite internet via Viasat.) It has been since the end of May although we have brought our laptops to a friend’s house in Crestview, FL and played there with them on their IP address (and we don’t know what it is.) Any IP based in Drexel Hill, PA should not have been accessed since the end of May, 2020. If it has, it was NOT US.

Please help. She’s had the account for years - we began playing in Classic before ANY expansions existed.

Was the old account established under her name? If so, standard recovery steps should be all that is necessary. If it was not established under her name, that’s an issue.


It was established under her name, but I/we assumed it was changed along with the email address when it was stolen.

Changing the account holder name is not easy, Aegean. When did she put the tickets in? She should have gotten some type of response.

I am glad to hear it’s not easy to change. That should work in our favor.

The original ticket was put in on Monday. Perhaps Tuesday.

Queues are a bit longer than we’d like at the moment, but she should be hearing something relatively soon. Once things resolve, she will want to add an authenticator.

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Players can only change the first name on the account and Blizz would see that change too.

After her initial response, did she re-open her ticket asking for further assistance?

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Yeah, it is very hard to change the registered account name. It takes ID and/or other documents showing a legal name change.

She will likely have to give Blizz ID, but they can help her switch it to the new email and get control of it again.

This articles goes into what they accept, and what they do with the ID afterwards to comply with privacy laws (delete it).

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She absolutely will add an authenticator.

She has been unable to access any tickets after she hit submit, because she cannot log in so nothing has been reopened.

So, patience, little birdie is my suggested route of action? We can do that, although it is difficult!

Do you happen to know the Battletag?

We do not. frown

I don’t suppose she jotted down any of the ticket numbers?

She’s been at work the whole time we’ve been talking - and I just got emails from her saying that she has access - changed her email and password and added an authenticator, but… now the account is aying is has been banned??

“This World of Warcraft account has been closed and is no longer available for use.”

Where do we go from here??

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Just put in another ticket, appeal it. It may have just been a good old fashioned compromise and a ban isn’t uncommon. They don’t steal them to do ‘nice’ things with them. Sometimes the account action lags behind the restoration.


Good point. Ticket system, here we come.

I appreciate your input and help in this matter!


Oh, no problem at all. With an authenticator, once this last bit gets sorted, she should be safe - and good to go :slight_smile:


Trust me, I’ve scolded her fiercely about the authenticator. I’ve had one on my account so long that I’ve got an actual physical piece of hardware that spits out my numbers. grin

Again, thank you.