My S2 solo shuff experience

took me what about 11 game to get my objectif of 1800(what can i say i love transmog) ,now i can slowly farm my snail mount

gear wise ,i’m not gonna complain only pvp gear i had on me was the 2 trinket/2ring/neck and my boots embelishement.everything else was pve gear my wep included.if i had to compare to season one when i got my 1800tmog i was half blue half purple pvp gear.
conclusion i really think they should bring back a pvp specific stats that only affect player damage taken /given

now the elephant in the room ,the queue time
simply said its bad ,real bad .once i jumped scared myself because it had been so much time since i entered queue i had forgotten about it so when it actually popped my heart tried to jump out of my chest

the rating and the mmr, trought my 11 game every game had people ranging between 0 and 1800 CR to a point where it felt more like a totally random queue match up than an actual skill based match up.maybe i just dont understand it proprely

toxocity,happened twice out of 11 one of which i am responsible for (i apologized for it and admitted my mistake)
-first was a multi glad(the guy had multiple glad mount) decided to just throw all the game and leave the match at the 6th game
-second was me thinking a healer was throwing by purposly dispelling UA ,turn out i forgot to talent out of judgement of the pure talent,like mentionned ealier when i notced (about 3 game in) i apologized to said healer and admitted that i was wrong and maybe a bit slow brain on that one

but overall i’d say that from what i experienced so far in DF compared to what was solo shuff in the end of shadowland ,the toxicity seem to have lowered quite a bit which is nice to see

overall it was ok, fix the queue time and i might even say i had fun

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ya i was for sure expecting a lot more tox in rss than ive encountered, its pretty rare in my experience



must be nice being the spec that’s constantly overtuned… I’m saying this from a SV hunter perspective because i have to keep up with mosty plate wearers that deal 200ks in a single click.