My opinion on DH in DF as a DH enjoyer since BFA

I used to play Havoc, both PVP and PVE but cant enjoy playing DH in DF…
Being forced to use sigils as havoc is awful.
Being forcecd to play Chaos Imprint build in pvp for 9 months is awful. (same with essence breake)
I miss the simple rotation we had back in BFA/SL were the only thing we had to worry was the pvp talent choices before matches.

Proposed changes:
Remove all sigils from the DH generic tree, adding another CC option instead of Sigil of Misery (wich’s almost useless in pvp, but mandatary) like reduced CD on CCs we already have or a 2 point node, or a second stun charge.
Playing one of another build isnt bad, the problem is playing it for more than 3 months straight…
The ideal would be making so we could run several builds depending on AOE or single target choices, burst, etc… Both on pvp and pve.

Thats it, i hope the new rework makes this class better as its the class i enjoy the most… (used to at least)

EDIT: + i REALLY miss Mana Break talent!


I see where you are coming from. What rating are you trying to achieve? If you are not shooting for rank 1 than you have options.

I hate sigils so I don’t play with them at all. Hate essence break so I don’t play it. For what it’s worth, the way I play is just like legion. Hell, sometimes I even use glaive tempest in pvp still.

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Just 1700 for the set in SoloQ

Yeah, same

Yeah, im doing that too but i think not using the glaive trow build is not a choice in pvp…

You need 1800 for the head/shoulders.

Definitely use glaive toss, and the talents that buff its damage.

Try this build for simple no momentum, no sigil gameplay:


Iimport code:

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