My official apology to stalagg

If you can’t handle war
Don’t play World of WARcraft

Its not much of a war when every contested questing area are constantly dominated by horde…This particular issue is nothing new in Wow history. On some servers its bound to happen…however its a bad playing experince for majority of players of the out numbered faction. In this case alliance (obviously not you because you are a hardcore leet that pwns 10v1)…

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Oh I got killed and still get killed a lot from qunt hordes but it’s the price to pay to have superior racials and paladin buffs.

Also one way to deal with it is to count how many times they kill you by having more of them than us at instances or wherever, and kill just as many of them when you get the chance.

I like to dismount when I see a lvl55 and less and dish out the dots, wish them luck and continue on my way.

If they’re a class that heals I make sure to stay on them a little longer tho