My last attempt

I suppose this is my last attempt to get back into WoW. Ive made 3 attempts with this game. Its not that I dont enjoy it, but I can never find a stable community to join. Everyone either ends up leaving shortly after I get into the group, or Im left in the dust because everyone has a different time zone or schedule so I cant raid with the group. I love playing this game, but solo play only takes you so far and it gets dry real quick when you have 0 friends on an MMORPG. If theres a glimmer of light out there, please reach me.

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It’s possible a little more information might help people identify whether you’d be a fit for any groups they belong to. What level of raiding are you looking for? What timezone are you in, and what sort of raiding schedule would work for you? Are you only looking for raiding, or are you also interested in RP, PvP, Mythic+, etc?


What days of the week do you usually play, what time of the day do you usually play, and what content do you usually do?

EST. If I could actually get somewhere with a group and could raid I want to go as hardcore as possible. Ive played through all of Destiny 1 and 2, and I love the hardcore content it brings. It was what drew me into WoW. Anyways, My schedule is free for weekdays, since I work weekends. Im interested in all of the content in WoW, not just raiding. Anything thats endgame and requires a group.

You might want to check out the Horde Guild Directory.

But keep in mind this is mostly an RP server, so the number of guilds or large organized groups focused on pushing through the more challenging endgame content, especially throughout the week- especially offset 3+ hours from west coast prime time, is asking for disappointment.

I really think you’d be better served heading over to the Guild Recruitment section of the forums and finding a guild there.


I only posted in Wymrest because I dont have an active sub and Im really trying to not get a sub just so I can bargain on the forums, as well as my highest lvl being on Wym

Can you run this by me again, chief?

You’re posting on the Wyrmrest forums on your Wyrmrest character. Yes. This is correct.

Are you even looking for a Wyrmrest guild? I’m asking this because you said you’re “only” posting on these forums because you don’t have an active subscription, which has me thinkin’ that mayhaps you’re not.

What do you mean you’re not trying to get a sub so you can bargain on the forums? Is this in regards to someone directing you to a link of guilds that may potentially fill that role you’re looking for, but you don’t want to have to like, talk about why you want in?

I need coffee.

Im not trying to get a sub just so I can post on the forums. Thats what I mean. Wyrmrest has my highest toon so Id prefer Id get into a guild on Wyrmrest, I will still join on another server but Wyrmrest is my home. Ive been looking on the guild forums for the last 2 hours and havent found squat for those who are accepting returning players. I dont see why it matters that I post on here. This is the most relevant topic I can post on without having to purchase a sub. Posting anywhere else would make me look even goofier. Sorry my post bugs you friend.

Your post doesn’t bug me at all. Not understanding what you were looking for was bugging me because if you enjoy this and have some questions, we should be able to help. All I was trying to do was get a better understanding, because instead of a “thank you, I’ll check into it!” or something acknowledging the previous posts at all, there was a post that just made it sound like your question wasn’t answered, so I was asking for some clarification to possibly help point you in the right direction. I’m part of the Wyrmrest community! I wanna help too, dang it!

Sorry if my wanting to help get you answers upset you, pal.

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I suppose we both had a misunderstanding then. Im not upset, just thrown off by your first post. Plus, Im more foreign to friendly forum chats than toxic ones. It seems you have to raid with big daddy Asmon casually to get treated decently here. Eh, just bad luck.

That’s not entirely true.

There are some hardcore guilds out there, sure. But there are some casual ones that can help you learn, too. They are out there, and I’m sure a couple could be found on that list. Not everyone visits our incredible forums, though. So, check out Trade/General in cities. Ask around. Try to find one that fits what you’re looking for, that meets your standards and expectations. Everything else will fall into place.

Also, check out the Discord. Good people there that may even be able to help you further. We’re not all gung ho gimme dat raiders. Heck, maybe I’ll be one someday.

E: I didn’t even know who Asmongold was. Heck, all I know is he streams this game. I don’t even think I’ve ever raided. People still tolerate me for some reason. You don’t have to be anything but a decent human being and you’ll be treated decently back.

Just like anywhere else, in any community, there are buttheads. Can’t let them win, so just ignore 'em. You’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

In this case, I’d say your best bet is just going to be to browse the Guild Recruitment section and just see who is actively recruiting or who is responding to applicants in situations similar to your own.