My issues with the Shaman Talent Tree (Enhancement)

Hi guys, I have been playing with the Shaman tree quite a bit recently, studying it and making new types of builds.

A few issues I have regarding the Enhancement tree are the following:

First and foremost, I feel that the enhancement tree should consist of 4 paths, the tree should be based on Lightning, Wind, Fire, and Frost, instead we get Left Wind, middle Lightning, right Fire - with 3 talents going towards frost skills.

Some skills that do not make sense in where they are placed within the tree.

  • Overflowing Maelstrom - an incredibly powerful talent that does not blend with the rest of the tree and should actually be one of the 20 point talents.

        I say this because one of the 20 point talents is "Legacy of the Frost Witch" which resets the cooldown and increases the damage of stormstrike after the use of 5 maelstrom, this directly contradicts the use of 10 maelstrom skills, and seems like a wasted talent....speaking of...
  • Legacy of the Frost Witch - A powerful talent that resets the cooldown and increases the damage of Stormstrike after the use of 5 maelstrom.

    Why does this not reset the cooldown and increase the damage of Ice Strike? It is named Legacy of the FROST witch.

  • Hot Hand and Stormflurry - These two talents seem out of place, all the lightning based abilities are on the left side of the tree, and yet Stormflurry is on the right side under Fire Nova/Hailstorm, and then Hot Hand is below Stormflurry, this seems very odd to me.

  • Primordial Wave - This talent just seems very out of place and doesn’t belong with the rest of the tree, it was the least used covenant ability for Shamans and just seems like it is being shoehorned in there, I would rather this be a damage dealing totem or something.

  • Windfury Totem - The entire left hand side of the tree is dedicated to windfury talents, and yet the windfury totem talent is in the middle right hand side.

I’m personally not a fan of these talent trees, especially the Class tree, that thing is put together so horribly in my opinion.


i actually never thought of this but that creates an insane feedback loop for aoe cleave scenarios
maybe every 10 would be better tuning but basically it would mean you’re constantly spending mw to reset ice strike, to cleave more with frost shocks
perhaps they could restructure that end to include like a talent called something like frost witch’s dominion that also resets ice strike, or applies lotfw instead of ss to ice strike if talented further. but that would require some restructurings of the tree overall to link them together so you can’t get trap talents where you’re capable of taking talents you can’t benefit from if you’re built wrong

but it’s called that because it’s just the SL legendary copy pasted with a 1/2 point system and SL legendaries couldn’t modify talents

other than that idk, i like how the tree is structured thus far

I’m not hunting you down. I was just going through reading a bunch. The thing is I just want people to stop thinking like this. This is the problem with the internet. People hear something from another person and regurgitate it thinking it is fact.

The paths are not lightning when fire crossed and so on. That is something random people said it is. Unless you have a blizzard developer telling you that is what it is, then take it with a grain of salt.

Those abilities that you think do not belong at that spot, is because you are perceiving in your own mind about the paths.

I mean if a developer wrote right now exactly what the paths were and how they defined them and they did not use lightning or fire as a description then the feedback is wrong. I don’t. I do not see this path is lightning dispatch is fire. I see it as a single target/cleave/AoE.

They are all very in sync. Again, it’s like people don’t understand how things will work. Primordial wave is perfect where it is at because it buffs windfury more than it will buff anything else.

Overflowing is extremely powerful but it also comes with a fault. You’re using all 10 MS. None in reserve. It also means you could be missing procs and overcamping if you’re not paying attention. It is fine where it is at because it is a good node choice. You can get an extra 25 % damage per five stacks if I remember right or save all the way to 10 and do one huge damaging spell.

That is how the trees are made lol. Also, primordial wave was the go-to talent for mythic Plus and a lot of raiders used it also.

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I never thought this tbh, I was curious and open to the possibility, and honestly, I was testing the Ice Strike and Hailstorm combo on live, and I think people are sleeping on this build, I was capping out at 27k on 4 targets, it is extremely strong, and being able to increase the damage by another 175% on top of what we already have will be absolutely nuts. (Assuming our mastery stays the same)

So I completely see your point now.

According to the tooltip, Frost Shock no longer has a cooldown, that makes this build even MORE broken.

The build is actually good even with the conduit where you get two MS. The AOE isn’t that bad at all. Fire Nova does more still. It works really good with Frost witch. I was joking around with it on some keys and it was ridiculous. The amount of MS you get it’s a potential crapload of wolves. Mean five frost shocks are hitting in each one has a chance to give you two MS.

It is just so proc heavy. I can have hot hands up and still capping MS fast which means I had to use CL over LL so I can continue getting feral spirits Cool down reduce. It is fun! It’s just really hectic.

In dragonflight we won’t get the mail storm from frost shock though, but watching people play they were still developing MS really fast. So early on it will be a good choice because we won’t have those massive pulls. Frost shock will be dishing out some really good damage.

But we are giving up MS generation by not taking firenova. That is probably the trade off.

… Not true, its been the best cov. ability for m+ for a while now

Lightning bolt cleave with primordial wave is also incredibly satisfying tbh (subjective)

And to be completely honest PLA/nova/PW gameplay is miles better than things like chain harvest, and its way more satisfying to play than doomwinds.

Could be an interesting design, I’ll give you that

Thats fair, everyone has their opinions, but the enhancement & shaman trees are far, far better than most of the other ones except maybe rogue.

I main enhance sham and unholy DK, the enhance tree makes the unholy tree look like a complete joke.

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You get the Wolf CDR even if you overcap.

I would have to spec into it and try it. I would assume it should not work because you are not generating MS if you are capped.

On live, the 4p still gives the reduction when you are capped. If you have a WA tracking the CD you can see it happening. Presumable, the talent would work the same as the 4p.

You’re still technically gaining resource, you just can’t see it

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I’d like to see the frost witch buff drop the 30%(?) increased SS damage and instead buff your weapon attacks to deal 20% increased damage as frost for 10 seconds.

Also delete lightning bolt and make chain lightning deal increased damage to the first target hit. Free up a keybind.

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Agree, its not fun to use, nightfae talent would be far better.

Also i think healing totem should be in 2 or 3 row or even baseline.

Also disliked the fact many toten talents are choices between 2 totens, we should be able to make a build with all totens, even with some disadvantage.

I actually really like fae transfusion on enh, I think having to stand still for 2 seconds is a good enough tradeoff for a ranged nuke.