My guild's wsg team got DQ'd in the summer bowl over an unavoidable and nonremovable 300 hp pet buff

My guild’s team (TY SKERAM) just got their win against VC (tournament favorites going in) overturned to a loss because of a 30 stam fire festival buff on a pet that they could not remove, that our hunter unintentionally got while he was getting his consumes from the ah between games.

Now obviously theres NOTHING that can be done about the buff as it persists through death and there was no way to avoid it because u randomly get it while in a major city. It also has next to no impact on the game (its 300 hp on a mostly useless hunter pet)

After all this all I can say is it looks like the tournament admins are siding with VC on this and they tried to force them to rematch… but our hunter’s pet still had the buff as it goes out constantly on our server. Being that it was impossible for them to rematch without this UNREMOVABLE BUFF THAT PERSISTS THROUGH DEATH THAT HAS NO IMPACT ON THE GAME WHATSOEVER they gave VC the win despite TY Skeram already having previously beat them, stomping them 80 hks to 14.

Now for most of you who don’t know the fire festival buffs have been reported in multiple games previously in the tournament and the admins said it was fine and didnt call for a rematch due to them in any other circumstances. Plenty of teams played with the buff and it slid but as SOON as the tournament favorites lose they use it to overturn the loss. We have ample proof via the stream and multple screenshots to show this is the case.

I just wanted to bring attention to this blatant corruption. VC clearly have admins on their sides considering in ALL the other games nothing was done about the fire festival buffs on pets. If you look at the twitch channel every message pertaining to this corruption is IMMEDIATELY removed. So I’m posting this just to spread awareness on this issue. My guild’s team was literally sabotaged out of being the champions of the qualifiers.


That is awful, my condolences


If true that sounds pretty shady.


watched it live, TY Skeram DOMINATED the vampire guild. seems like vampire guild had to beg admins to d/q the better team.


VC was just grasping, they ran into a brick wall for 35 mins and it shattered their fragile egos.


This is disheartening imagine being the players who won, they put in time, gold and effort only to be told that the opposing team felt 30 stam on pet caused them to lose.

Sad really, either apply the rules to everyone fairly or accept that VC lost fair and square. This tournament is a joke.


exactly 300 hp on a pet isnt the reason VC got massacred in that game. 2 funny, also blizzard fix your game. fix your rule sets, this tourny is a joke.


VC taking out the real competition. Talk about dirty. Blizzard should not be siding with them. This is not your fault as it wasn’t preventable. You’re right.

I’m not actually too surprised since it’s coming from a group of people who made a career out of roof griefing horde.


If the players in VC have any integrity they’ll come out and say their loss should not be been overturned.


Very shameful by Blizzard and VC.


Definitely a harsh judgment. The most logical interpretation of the rules would have TYS pegged at a win for the match. And they have looked unbeatable in the tourney. I expect to see more wins next week if they have the foresight to mail themselves consumables beforehand. (lol)

Having said that, if there’s another one of these tourneys I hope they implement new rules/format to incentivize capping. Have a round robin where outcapping (outscoring) gives you more points in the standings than a draw. The turtle strat is absolute garbage to watch, even if it is within the rules.

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Wow, that’s crazy. DQ for a stam buff on a pet? SMH


This is (one reason) why Esports are stupid.



There’s no way to avoid this pointless buff other than to be out of a city for an hour before the game

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Seems like a clear case of sore losers + corruption from Blizzard.


Abuse rules to win games. Other team abuses rules to get you DQ’d.

Scummy on both sides but at least VC tried to play the objective and not make a complete joke out the tournament format.


imagine thinking you should win a pvp tournament when you literally cant win a single fight for 35 minutes rofl


Seems more like incompetence than corruption to me. Either way, it’s a pretty bad look for this Classic WSG competition.

TY Skeram’s strategy (and surprising? success with it) was the most interesting thing to me as a viewer.


Can they go through the replay and see if that pet ever went below 300hp?

Cause if that not I would say you have pretty reliable proof that it made no effect on the match.


I think we all can agree that Blizzard’s rule sets for this tournament were extremely poor, but rules are rules. Players should have to be responsible for adhering to said rules which in this case were violated.

With that said, it is actually quite sensible to remove the Fire Festival buff from your pet. Using Druid Innervates for instance, since they stack, in tandem with all other class, scroll, juju, etc. buffs.

Otherwise, don’t queue up in town or even with your pet out. Why risk the chance of someone from an opposing team to start a character on the server, buy a scroll, and throw it on your pet as you enter the BG? This is the taking responsibility part. Again, it’s ultimately Blizzard’s horrific rule set which is the greatest opportunity here.

What’s a bit confusing is the self-entitlement that TD believes they have in not accepting a rematch and instead forfeiting. Instead, they pouted about the unfavorable ruling and the group took the low road when they could have been the better team and accepted the rematch. Imagine how much they could have gloated if they had slapped VC around a second time.

But of course that isn’t what happened. These are gamer’s we’re talking about here which lack the sensibility and understanding of what good sportsmanship is. You never see professional teams act out in this matter. Some may gripe, but they ultimately move on.

And now it’s likely if there is ever another tournament for Classic WoW. TD’s “legacy” of using the rule set to their advantage (which warnings were ignored and dismissed by Blizzard) will be changed to disallow the kind of play style they executed during the tournament.

The ruling was fair, but it’s unfortunate that the tournament devolved into a severe lacking opportunity of solid entertainment.