My God! Blizzard actually did it!

good ele been busted for awhile

It looks pretty POG. I’m very excited about arms and fury looks like it’s got some neat options to mess with.

Is it me or does Fury have the option to use only 2H now?

something like this

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Pretty much did.

In the end I felt bad the poor kid. It was obvious he or she was some teenager who still thinks its cool to trash talk everything. He or She even tried to shift the blame saying I need to learn to communicate. Which just shows me he or she is at a very youthful age where they don’t accept responsibility for his own actions yet or worse has never had to.

No matter what I said I was the one in the wrong. There was no winning with them

100% Guaranteed way to get a nerf. :rofl:

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You are absolutely, 100% wrong. Arms has never, EVER, used anything other than a single 2 handed weapon for actual dps. Now with the new Dragonflight talents you could make a build using two 1-handed weapons or dual wield, but you would 100% be hampering your damage compared to any other warrior using a single 2 hander.

You have the option, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to do anywhere near the damage a build picking up Titans Grip or Single-Minded Fury will do. You’d be actively sabotaging your damage with that.

Probably but I’m excited to try it out at least before it gets dumpstered.

Per this Blue post Feedback: Warriors - #15 by Kaivax

  • Weapon Specialization Talents are damage buffs; they do not enable new functionality. For example, Dual Wield specialization should not allow Arms or Protection Warriors to dual wield. We’ll likely change some names to avoid future confusion.

So I really wouldn’t expect a 2-hand fury build to be a thing.

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They haven’t done anything yet. The game’s not released. Nobody actually knows how things are going to play, or if the talent trees will feel good, or bad.

Do people never learn anything? What’s the point in over reacting before we’ve seen the finished product.

This isn’t 1950. I’m pretty sure they weren’t, then, either, but I wasn’t around. Shouldn’t you be admonished for gender-bias or something under the newly enforced social contract scheme?

Glad you like warriors. Enjoy it while you can; they’re sure to detect your satisfaction and react accordingly.

2022 feels more like 1929, more specifically… Autumn…

I’m curious to try a Bleed build for Arms that is similar to the pre-Cata days

And you are 100% right it was my fault I did not mean to have the word arms in there. I meant to refer to the warrior class in general. Not a specific spec in that statement. This is what I get for making Forum post via mobile late at night. I should know better by now

I have a edited that statement

I haven’t looked at the warrior trees specifically but anything that moves class designs towards being as wide and flexible as they once were is welcome in my book.

Narrow, rigid class designs suck. It feels silly when everything in the game is telling me I’m this prodigy of an archmage but for some reason can’t muster a frost spell worth casting because my main speciality is fire.

I didn’t explain what I was trying to say correctly so I have edited my comment to express the point I was trying to get across better

It’s my own fault for not being more clear in what I was trying to say originally

Oh for gods… Are they really trying to bring back stance-dancing?

I don’t think so the way it’s currently laid out it looks like they’re just adding more options for different situations.

I would much rather have open options than be limited to something like we are now.

In pvp however? Yeah there will probably definitely be some form of stance dancing

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I mean Unholy death knight’s get valkyr next ( so far) a move we had b4 but then they took it out and now theyre giving us bck

Really hoping they’d give us unholy frenzy to smooth out apocalypse or something

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My god. I’m getting horror flashback from Vanilla and TBC Warrior experiences. It’s been a hot minute but I do not miss having to Sunder-spam before Devastate and having to swap out of Defensive Stance to keep up DPS in encounters before tankbusters show up.


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I get ya. It’ll be cool to not be forced into Titan’s Grip as fury. I hope they manage to balance Single-Minded Fury better than before.

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By the look of the trees it looks like if you main a prot Warrior you can tweak your spec and be more damage focused for when mob farming or doing daily Quest so you don’t feel so clunky and slow

oh no someone said something nice about something blizzard did


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