My conquest PvP gear wasn't upgraded to champion track as promised this week!

My conquest PvP gear wasn’t upgraded to champion track as promised this week!!! I feel like this was a major slap to the face for playing at the start of the season. Why can’t the PvP players use their gear to play PvE content? Feeling like I’m forced to choice and isolate myself for wanting to play more content outside of raids.

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Give it time. So far this expac Blizz has been really good about keeping their word on things like this and fixing blatant bugs behind the scenes without even making a formal statement.

Also please don’t make multiple posts about the same thing

Also please don’t make multiple posts about the same thing

My first post on this issue. I’m worried about what’s going to happen when they noticed most of the PvP players took their first week conquest item and transformed it into tier gear. I’ve personally have had major issues with in-game problems on gear with only “sorry, we can’t address this issue as the game won’t allow it” as a replay. I think it’s fair for feeling like this is just another case of that.

everyone knows that each incremental post you make escalates the jira ticket one priority level each time

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Same Chest piece not upgraded. I did switch it tier, but had a piece of conquest drop from Vault last week that also did not upgrade. Waiting to see if it intentional or they are still working on it.

In the short run a little sad and disappointed. I was kinda hyped to log in. New vault item this week is the champ and all the conquest in the vendor is.

Worst case it is as intended because its an odd piece or converted to tier and we just suck it up until later when conquest is uncapped and can replace piece then, but will I still be able to convert it back to tier?

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So it was definitely explained as being retrospective and covering all gear we already have. I would anticipate this being hotfixed shortly

Soon TM


Thank you for the post. I’m very worried about what “The rest will be coming soon” means. Still feel this whole PvP thing is being handled poorly.

It’s fixed now on all of my characters.

Must be a timed rollout, my tier set is still stuck

Both of my tier pieces were as well, but that was about 4 hours ago. I haven’t logged in since. Maybe this restart fixes it?

still bugged at this point

The only bugged pieces are tier pieces that got converted.