My brother and I just made characters on this realn

Hey all, my younger brother (18) and I (26) just started characters on this realm, Alliance side. I am an experienced classic tank, I have two other 60 warrior tanks on kromcrush and kirtonos in guilds that I main tank for, and now have made my third warrior tank on this server. My brother rolled priest, he is somewhat new to classic but is good at video games and will end up being a very good healer soon. We are looking for a small- medium sized guild on this server of tight knit players. I dont enjoy large guilds that have mutiple raid teams. We are pushing to 60 quickly and will get pre bis quickly as I have done a few times now, and then will be looking to get into MC right away to gear up. Any guilds that are interested in having us please in game mail me ‘skarmjr’ or post your info in this thread and i will add you in game to talk. Thanks !

Didnt mean to post on my retail toon. Heres my classic toon on faerlina. Thanks

Why would you add to our already horrible queues :frowning:

The ques will definitely die down once most people are out of lockdown.

they were increasing before the lockdowns