My argument for adding High Elves to the Alliance

(Hecatone) #839

:fire: Heresy! :fire:


i want to play a horde draenei. i have draenei in my horde garrison so they exist and i want to play as one on the horde. i also worked with yrel and lfd in the past

(Dekkar) #841

yes pls!!!

(Autai) #842

My bet is on Mok’nathal becoming playable at some point.

I’m a pretty firm believer that Draenei are Alliance, only because they found them first.

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I once made a thread about this…

Coughing - not the red ones

(Kirela) #844

I wanted a witchs broom to go with the drustvar theme. Someone mentioned a wicker beast as well. This was a long time ago, but of course blizz couldnt be that creative when it comes to alliance mounts.


I’m sure Blizzard can create a way to sever ties with the Sunwell, Fyre. Without turning Void.

(Dekkar) #846

wicke beast would be awesome. :slight_smile:

(Kirela) #847

So would a broom.

(Hecatone) #848

That could be their racial.

(Dekkar) #849

the only mount i don’t have that i want for my alliance is the brewfest kodo. :frowning:

(Autai) #850

I don’t know how they didn’t design a wicker horse or something for the Embers.

(Hecatone) #851

I’m still trying to get the Charhound.

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:horse_racing:This ^


This is why orcs build roads out of draenai.


If they live forever and support those huge bodies, their bones must be super dense. Great building materials.

Lets make infrastructure brutal.

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How many time do I need to teach you a lesson old man!?


You’re right, Night Elf bones are better.


Orgrimmar could use a road to its new territories in Darkshore. Don’t tempt me you filthy animal.

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I hear their ashes are pretty legit.