My 5 cents about HVs

I’ve been playing a while of wow and so far haven’t found a more frustrating content than how horrific visions work.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love them, but the fact you need to farm keys to complete a quest just makes them too precious to do fun runs.

I’ve heard that towards shadowlands we’re having a similar system and wanna give my 5 cents about it.

I agree that you need a certain currency to get an special reward, but this shouldn’t be the case in visions.
You need to do 6 pages from rank 2 zones to get the items for the quest, for that you need 3 keys and you’re limited to 5 keys if you spend your whole week inside wow login in every day.
Is like doing the homework is as, if not more, important than doing the test.

What if instead you require 5 pages and 1 book with no need for keys.
Pages can be obtained from any run without keys but keys double the amount of pages and rewards you can get, and the book is only obtainable from a key run.

You can have fun, do the pages part and still require ppl to do their homework in order to pass the test.

Right now if you want to roll a new toon or class for the next expansion and test it this one, you need to do a lot of homework with essences, reputations, cloak farm, etc…

Hope this gets read and consider by someone who can help the change. Ty

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I enjoyed them the first few weeks. But now we are expected to do 4 runs. Talk about beating a dead horse.

Considering the amount of time until prepatch, and the cap of rank 15, it’s perfectly ok to consider taking another week to complete the quest.

As I’m sure most people will be in similar positions, your progression will be limited in comparison.

Same for me. Can’t be bothered doing this four times in a row. Especially not in SW. :nauseated_face:
Yea, I know, I don’t have to do it in one day, but distributing the runs doesn’t make them less tedious.

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I think you should at the least be able to get the pages that come from mid Zones from hard Ones too. Meaning 4 pages from a full clear.

Youre able to get the pages from any zone minus the boss one. The 2 hard cap is really just there to annoy people.

Again, if we were able to get pages for keyless runs but being required to do a run with a key we could enjoy the runs and do them often… Myself I’d love to run 10 hvs per week but in order to do so I’m required to do a content I don’t like very much (dailies)

If players could run HVs without the vessel keys, they’d just be farming mementos ad nauseum, buying Gouged Eyes, and socketing all their gear right away – if you don’t think that’s true, just check out how many players are 85+ on their necks even though after 80 the returns are so small. Give players a way to farm something without restriction, and they’ll do it.

Mementos buy sockets for items, and sockets are very valuable. If mementos only bought a xmog and a mount, I doubt Blizzard would gate them behind a fully unlocked tech tree and vessels for every run.

For me, the time spent farming vessels to enter the content vs the time spent enjoying the content feels way off. Hopefully the buff we get next week helps bring that in line.