MW range playstyle

Is this even an option anymore? I hate fistweaving but don’t know if I’ll get the boot if I try to heal range style on my monk in m+. Thoughts?

Nobody will care if you are casting or fistweaving as long as you are healing the party.


I play a homebrew CF build in M+ and no one has every said anything to me or kicked me for it. You’ll be fine to play a more caster oriented build.


Are you looking for advice or validation of the spec you want to play?

I try both to “learn” them in the situations that might be relevant - is that what you are looking for?

It sure is!

Casting Mistweaver in +23 Vortex Pinnacle (Timed) - Mistweaver Dragonflight 10.1.5 - YouTube

( note you still want to me in melee, or close to it so melee/tanks benefit from the auras and you can stun/interrupt things and apply mystic touch easier, and apply the ren mist from RSK or extend HoT’s if talented into RM )

You can play whatever you want in m+. If you meet the group expectations everything will be fine.

Not sure what your goals are, but if you have aspirations on doing higher keys, and you hate being in melee, then monk healer is not the right choice for you.


You can, the group will be missing ~30k dps though. Which will hurt times and make fights harder (as they will be longer), one day caster will get some way to deal damage.
CJL aoe or something, no idea why blizz just ignores this spell, as well as expel harm.
I love the AT/CJ build, in every single way it is just better, but it has its problems and is clunky. Meanwhile the TOM/CF build is clean and nice, just what do you do when there is no healing to be done?

SCK spin kick still. Can still maintain like 20k-24k dps just weaving in sck/rsk/bok. When no healing is needed things like lessons of Shaohao, Secret Infusion, evokers delight, and Yu’lon+class trinket can be used to pump that dmg up significantly, esp if combined. Can even Throw inna dps trinket if you want.

Obviously we cant heal and dps at the same time but there is usually still downtime to throw in some tp/bok/rsk/sck’s.

I don’t see the point of this, you have avoided this playstyle for a reason. Why say i don’t want to fistweave, the advise them to use the same abilities they changed their whole spec to avoid.
This means they would always need to say in melee range anyway, which defeats the purpose or the range build.

I have done almost every M+ with CF build, and never be kicked as it is nearly not possible to kick anyone when M+ is running. Anyway, do stay in melee and offer some dps when no healing is needed. Stay in melee also help to interrupt. During trash, with only sck still can offer at least 20k dps.


The whole point is he doesn’t want to DPS with his fists. You giving advice on something he does not what to do.


I hope so. I am tired of Blizzard constantly catering to the fistweaving crowd but the mistweaving crowd only ever get small buffs here and there.

Clouded focus MW has been the meta raid healing build the entire tier.


‘mistweaving’ is in a very good spot right now though…

I understand that some would like more option to damage from range but being a “jump in to dps” makes sens for the spec :man_shrugging:t2:

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Another blanket statement that I don’t understand, you said in your other posts that you liked having 2 playstyles in 1 spec but now you don’t want ranged dps abilities for the 2nd playstyle which is caster?? the way you type is very counterintuitive because you’re going against what you said earlier.

It is not, and you don’t know that because you are a Fistweaver. +20 and above keys are dominated by 90% fistweavers, that is clearly not a balance of playstyles that you envisioned. If both playstyles were equally good then we would see around 50/50 or 60/40 but 90/10 is too extreme to call it “very good spot”

Yep 2 playstyles doesnt mean I play range.

Mistweaver is still a melee healer wether you fistweave or not.

And it’s the top spec for raiding and is still very good for m+, even more so if you play in pugs because the hps potential is very good.

Now dps wise it’s not as strong :man_shrugging:t2:


Even if you stay in melee ranged, there is a difference between the caster build and the melee build.