MW Monk Overpowered?

MW feels great , but I’m terms of raw output and mana . We seem to be FARRRRRR ahead than everyone else. Mana is only 50% p3 h fyrakk versus other healers at like sub 15% . This is also while doing 30m more healing than them.

Shhh! Let us have our fun!

This doesn’t happen very often !


I’m all for it but feels kinda boring when there is no challenge hahah

We finally have a semblance of balance between raid builds but if they start tuning MW against other classes they’re going to break it again…

They have to have some sort of advantage since they bring absolutely nothing of value to a raid, considering mystic touch really only buffs warriors/hunters/outlaw rogue, and they provide no large raid utility or DR.

Don’t bring attention to us! Do you want us to get nerfed?!


+8% healing to most, if not all, of the raid is pretty huge.
-4% from aoe attacks adds up
+5% melee dmg

Our raid wide Mass Dispel is also huge/very useful on Fyrakk

We bring 3 raid “buffs”, and what MW brings is obviously good enough that they are being brought into world first raiding by most of the guilds participating. ( and had been brought to previous seasons WFR )

Least learn the class before you come here bashing it rofl.


10y range.

I can only see BM taking this to get to Bounce Back. Points are better spent elsewhere.
10y range

PHYSICAL damage. Not all melee damage is physical at all times, so the value is even lower.

If you’re going to come at someone like this, at least look at everything properly and not in a vacuum.


With a generous fall off period. So it’s not hard to spread it around to most people with a quick roll - except that one hunter out in the middle of nowhere. Raids stack for mechanics often enough, when that healing/4% aoe dr aura/buff is needed the most it is up. So everyone still gets it on stacking, and everyone in melee gets the auras 100% of the time anyways. Pretty good uptime.

For a raid? Where? What is as good as reducing that much aoe damage once you’ve taken the basics? The Peak build takes it. Im sure if it was useless or point starved they would ignore it. The people in the peak discord and the guides have nothing but positive things to say about these auras/utility we bring to a raid.

Still useful enough, obviously not OP but again, it adds up. Esp on progression.

I think every world first team is running a mistweaver right now. Again, if we are good enough to be brought to every team, there is obviously value in what we bring.

Saying we bring nothing, when we bring multiple buffs and are valued in world first is just silly and ignorant.

Direct Quote from QE Live’s MW guide about GP: "This is real solid utility "

Direct quote from QE Live about CtH: “Close to Heart buffs ALL healing received of all nearby allies by 4/8% making this one of the best raid buffs in the entire game for healers. This is fantastic utility”.


It’s strong but they shouldn’t make changes yet

Our aberrus tier is roughly comparable to the new tier in terms of healing output so other healers will rise up a lot when they get their 4p and trinkets and weapons

We are just frontloaded in terms of prog power but not overpowered by any means

In a good spot though — which is how it should be. We bring no rez or Lust, and WWs need something to play lol

Yeah but what we bring is HPS. GP is just more HPS and 4% avoidance is generally just more HPS indirectly. The 5% Phys buff is their main utility. is To go back to Liquid Max and paraphrase, “If MW (and Resto Druid) don’t bring insane HPS, they won’t be brought over other healers with more utility.”

I reckon if MW was coming 2nd on those healing meters, we’d see MW dropped pretty fast. Which is why I’m worried about nerfs.


A monk will generally always be used because 5% phys damage is massive for a raid, mw typically wasn’t it but many of the competing utilities were nerfed this patch, mw has been slowly creeping up for years now. WW and brew being weak also plays a part.

Every single suffle match MW is getting focused 100%, too easy to kill, MW is NOT op


Maybe not in shuffle. But that is what percentage of gameplay? 10% I’d wager. In the other 90% MW is doing great. And I’m happy for them.

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shut ur pie hole

MW does take the 4% DR btw

But OP delete this thread literally right now

It’s rare to see a MW complaining about being in a great position…Like REALLY rare.

But, here we are.

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Reported why so rude

So buff the stragglers instead of cutting down monks.