MW Monk LF Guild on [A] Stormrage or [H] Thrall


Hey all! I’ve been playing on Alliance mostly in 8.1, and just transferred to Stormrage from a dead guild/realm, but haven’t been having much luck finding a guild willing to put in the work to down Opulence. So here I am. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for an Alliance guild on Stormrage or a Horde guild on Thrall, as I have a max level/geared MW Monk on both of those realms currently.

Creepbait - Stormrage - 419ilvl equipped
Creepbait - Thrall - 412ilvl equipped

Bonus points if you can fit my two friends into your roster (especially if on Stormrage) - a holy priest and an unholy/blood DK. All 3/9m.

Preferred raid time is anytime after 9p until about 4a (EST). Any day.

Unfortunately, I am not looking to server transfer at this time unless it’s paid for. :slight_smile: I’d be willing to cross-realm raid, though.

I also push keys (currently about 1800io on my Alliance monk), and would love a guild that does so, too.

Battlenet: jaxyheart#1679
Discord: Creepbait#3693