MW LF Mythic Raiding Guild


My raiding experience has always been as a healer. I achieved several CE achievements as a healer. However, I did not raid seriously or with any guild this last raid tier. Currently I am looking to change that and get back into raiding on either my 374 MW monk or 378 Hpriest/Disc. The times I am available to raid are Friday/Saturday/Sunday after 7pm Eastern and one day during the weekday if it is later than 10pm Eastern time. Please add me in game if you have an opening and are pursing mythic content!!!
Btag: Branden#1882

(Campyourbody) #3

The Night Show is a late night raiding guild on Zul’Jin focused on pushing Mythic content. We have made leadership changes and are looking for a few exceptional players to help us push for CE. We are 3/8M and currently seeking MW, RSham, BM/MM Hunter, Frost/Fire Mage and Warlock. All others taken into consideration. Times are 1am - 4AM Server time.

Contact Mr.Rager#0350, campyourbody#2937or Mulletmaster#3085 on discord


Hi Mistingg,

A little about my guild;

Name: Bare Bones
Server: Stormrage
Faction: Alliance
Uldir: 2/8M
BoD: Goal is to push for CE
Mythic Team: Friday / Sunday 9-12pm EST
Casual Team: Saturdays 9-12pm EST


  1. Any competitive DPS
  2. All exceptional players considered
  3. All casuals welcomed

We are an active, semi-hardcore raiding guild. We participate in RBG’s, we have several groups of people that push keys, some are pushing 15’s. We have guild alt runs, mythic island groups, and other fun events. We have groups that sell M+ keys and island run’s also.

my contact info:

Discord: Manetheren#9370
Bnet: Manetheren#11993