Music Fitting Your Character


Kind of standard metal music when Ace eventually decides to put down the bottle and kill some Horde.

(Rudaba) #24

I got some!

My character Saige was an uncharacteristically wild Elf. Coarse, raw, rebellious, he would frequently ride a mount into battle. I believe this song fits him pretty well!

My second and final song is for this character, Rudaba Quatra. Although I don’t get to RP her as she truly is very much - largely because she’s used as a plot device and not a character these days - I do have a very specific image in mind for her. A mixture of style and suicide, this is what I feel fits her pretty well.

(Butterfield) #25

Angry deader coping with a bad breakup.


(Banrok) #27

Do video game OST’s count?

Borgro Brightforge:

I’ll show more for my other characters when I can remember them.


(Issannora) #29

This is so Nora.

Name of the song is Faith.


Character’s still a bit fresh and I’m figuring them out, but this could easily be his theme for what I’ve got for him now.

(Wolftrakker) #31

This would be my musical theme


As I’ve been levelling this character, the whiplash from ‘we’re allies’ to ‘we’re enemies’ & back again has really helped me get an idea of what motivates Sol to fight and it’s her people. For better and worse, she’s more than willing to simply be a weapon directed at the enemies of the sin’dorei. But it wears on her so these lyrics really hit home:
We’re standing face-to-face with our own human race
We commit the sins again and our sons and daughters pay
Our tainted history, it’s playing on repeat
But we could change it if we stand up strong and take the lead

(Jakkø) #33

This song has been in Jakko’s playlist for a while, but with everything going on in BFA right now, I feel like this song is more appropriate than ever.

(Yonara) #34

Unofficial theme of Zhaoyang Cloudpaw:

And the unofficial theme of her mother, Pingyang:


This song was a big inspiration for Adelbrand. Adelbrand is an Outrigger mercenary, born in Drustvar, who has always been prone to spirit visions and prophetic dreams. The blood of the old Drust runs strong in his family, and so while on an Outrigger mission in an old Drust tomb, he found himself possessed by the awakened spirit of an ancient Thornspeaker, a double agent in the war against Gorak Tul who was punished to suffer an eternity of imprisonment by the Drust King.

In the same way as the spirit has awakened, so has Adelbrand. Never before has he felt like he belonged. Even among the Outriggers he we was a quiet loner, often in his cups in some dark corner. He is coming to learn that his childhood nightmares were really just his latent abilities trying to manifest themselves, that he is to be a soldier in the war between Life and Death. And though he is afraid, he feels for the first time in his life that he is on the right path as he embarks on the quest to be a Thornspeaker.

For my Paladin, Ohtion, this song feels really fitting. He’s not literally a “King of the Elves” so ignore the title and that particular line. But he is a half-elf with a chip on his shoulder about being a half-elf. He’s a paladin that is cynical - his faith isn’t so much in himself or the Light, but in his mission to eradicate evil and the undead.

To me, this song mirrors the arc I have had Ohtion on since I made him a few months ago, after faction changing my Sunwalker whom I loved but had bad writer’s block on. Ohtion has all the makings to be a true knight, a noble paladin of stature, a beacon for the Alliance. But he is plagued with self-doubt and loathing. He is motivated more by vengeance and hatred and retribution than justice or goodness.
So he’s a drunk zombie-hunter in dingy armor, instead of the paragon of the Light he could be. So there are lines in this song that really fit him:

Listen o ye my old friend
Hear my songs echoing out through the archways of the elms
On the leaves my bare feet tread
I leave a trace of my existence with my bitterness and aims

Surrounded by a cloak of haze
Lacerating and trying to wound my weary flesh and firm belief
Step by step in this dark maze
I try to find a sign that leads me far away from the relief

All the miles to cover
A little closer to the gale
I face this storm crying out my wail

Through perilous, insidious ways
I walk uneasy steps… I’m led by grief
The soil I tread is crumbling
Like shifting sands is eating me away
It’s taking me under, no air to breathe, no blood to bleed

Eventually, he will become that man, that knight he could be, a soldier of the Light, defender of the weak, with the blood of old Arathor and the blood of Quel’thalas in his veins. He will come to accept his dual heritage, accept his role as a paladin and a true knight, and finally put aside his grief and hatred and cynicism. I’m not sure how I’ll get him to that point, but that’s been the plan. I love the aesthetic of Alliance paladins, but I wanted to play a Paladin who goes through hell and really “earns” the bright golds and blues. And when that happens to Ohtion, then the lyrics in the latter half of the song will fit him:

Dreaming away
Find another way to live and
Find another dawn and another place
Dreaming away
Try to be strong within and
Find another path and another road
Dreaming away
Give relief to the scars of yesterday
Washing away
All the blames you have already paid for…

Now the time has come, and I sing my song
…Of a small boy chasing daydreams, reaching high above
Now the time has come, and I am the one
The passionate heartbeat and my soul ablaze
I have been crowned…

Another song for Ohtion is this one, because he’s an alcoholic undead-hunter. One of the defining moments of his life is when he, as a teenage boy, saw his human paladin mother killed in battle by a First Generation Death Knight in the Battle of Hillsbrad. So the undead have always been a spectre and foil for Ohtion.

(Xaolio) #36


(All predictable memes aside…)

Xao’lio’s musical flair and what not always comes down to scene. I always chose something comedic to his theme and slowly lured away. But I always found the comedic soundtrack from Sakura Spirit a good representation of Xao.

Or just the open sesame song from Mother.

(Kaeska) #37

Lyube’s Kombat (literally an abbreviation for Commander of a Battalion, an archaic rank) is a good song. This is fairly fitting for a wide variety of reasons, and if you can understand it in the original Klingon, it’ll get things across more clearly than my barely coherent translation will.

(And) war is war,
Bullets, booze (literally vodka), cheap cigarettes.
War isn’t easy,
Shoot, or you’ll get shot.
(And) war is war,
Girl, think of me.
In war, you never know.
Maybe we’ll get them, maybe they’ll get us.

Captain, old man Captain (archaic rank, subbing captain)
You didn’t hide your heart behind your boys’ backs.
Planes are flying, tanks are burning,
(He/we) strike, yo captain, damn it captain!
Captain, old man Captain,
Behind us is Russia, Moscow, and Arbat.
(Open) fire, troops, fire, battalion,
Captain, yo, he commands (us).

(Open) fire, troops! (Open) fire, battalion!
(Open) fire, troops! (Open) fire, battalion!
(Open) fire, troops! (Open) fire, battalion!
(Open) fire, troops!
Fire, fire, fire! Agony…

(And) war is war,
Soldiers dream of their mothers in their sleep.
(And) war is… how it is.
It’s much more serious than in film.
Yes, war: “WAR”-war.
Foolish girl, what a wretch she is.
Oh, the war goes on,
While she waits for the boy.

[CHORUS x 2]
And war is war…
War is war…
War is war…
War is war…

I’ve also considered Corb Lund’s Student Visas, which also fits well.

(Cailias) #38

Some good ol’ smug sounding rap about money is basically Cailias


Rip arms battlecry, only knew you for a short time, but your absence can be felt forever :weary:


For Zinbara, despite the origin of this song being pirate in nature, I feel as if the melody of the music itself fits Zin especially with whats going on now in lore.

Being trained in the ways of the monk, he was taught to see the beauty in everything, to seek peace in the world and if everything else fails, fight but to fight with compassion and respect for ones opponent. Values and ideals he’s felt very strongly about until the recent attack of Dazar’alor and the loss of his King and the deaths of many of his people.

Now he’s struggling internally with himself to remain at peace with himself and stay the course with the ideals of the monk while also fighting down that brewing desire of revenge and hatred which I feel as the song captures perfectly.


I’m glad to see this thread back! :smiley: Got a brand new character to post on this time, ha.

I ended up making a whole proper playlist for Kait as I’ve been levelling her, chock full of vaguely religious songs & heroic anthems, but if I had to pick one song to sum her up, it’d be Kingdom by Young Tribe.

Fairly predictable, I suppose, but fitting. She is very much an Oath of the Crown kind of paladin.

(Laurensa) #42

ME: Is there, like, an angry cover of this song?