Music Fitting Your Character

(Käyn) #1

I know I’ve seen a few of these threads rolling around here before, but short of searching through the forums I decided to create another one for RPers and non Rpers alike on the server.

If your character had to have a theme song what would it be? I know that characters can be complex individuals, but if possible I would say try to limit it between 1-2 songs.

For an additional bit of fun, you can either describe how the song relates to the different aspects of your character, or you can simply post a song and let others use their imagination and paint a picture in their head of your character with only the song as a guide.

For Kayn I’d have to say Bloodthirster is probably the best fit as memories help mold you into the person you are today. He’s still driven and remembers the past and cant get over how the Alliance, mainly the humans mistreated him and his kind. Abused them, sent them on suicide missions and then put them on the executioner’s block while doing all they could to assist their comrades.

He’s working on changing that attitude as he knows its not like how it was, but the past is hard to forget. But these thoughts are always nagging at his mind even despite how hard he’s working to change himself. It’s like the little devil whispering into his ear.

(Serph) #2

It’s on my Ghaoithe playlist but this is pretty much her theme, seeing as it’s referenced in her books and all

(Versca) #3

When Versca was undead this was totally her song because this is essentially how I treated RP on her.

Juspion (my Draenei) it would be Staying Alive.

(Conjurus) #4

(Solafina) #5

(Raiwe) #6

This track from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack fits Raiwe really well, since it manages to be serene but also skittish simultaneously.

(Zenrao) #7

(Mazaga) #8

(Zunde) #9

(Fortea) #10

This. Fortea had a criminal past. So the “fire to burn him clean” is referring to the Light shedding off his former identity.

(Hafren) #11

Hafren went from an average adventurer to an entrepreneur (ooc: she’s my AH/bank alt) and this song just fits:
We live in a greedy little world,
That teaches every little boy and girl
To earn as much as they can possibly,
Then turn around and
Spend it foolishly

(Halflan) #12

I’m not at Trust Level 2 yet. :frowning:


(Saliz) #13

Of course Saliz the harpist gets a harp song as her theme…

(Versca) #16

Get on my level!!! :fire::fire::fire:

(Nyehehê) #17

Aside from his actual theme song composed by the brilliant TheFalcoSparverius, Crow’s Theme from the game Nefarious fits Nyeh’s specific breed of villainy very well. Both songs are very demanding and arrogant but also incredibly silly, like The Great Nyehehe himself!

(Conjurus) #18
  1. According to my research, you are!
  2. Youtube links work at Trust Level 1.

(Zatiya) #19

Za’tiya is more subdued in her actual interactions with other people, but this definitely highlights her attitudes towards life and working towards her goals.

You say that you a baller
And I see you tryna holler
But that ain’t how I was brought up
Working for my money
'Cause that’s what my momma taught me
So your “butt” better show me some respect :clap:t4:

(Khin) #20

Forever and always


Comically over the top and Metal AF

(Bathildis) #22

Bath has a fiery spirit, and doesn’t mind a rowdy crowd when she’s running the Pub - though she’d never admit it.