Murloco phasing issues

(Wain) #1

The rarely spawning murloc vendor, Murloco (in Murloco’s Hideaway, Nazjatar) seems to have phasing issues.

I’d been watching for him for days on an Alliance character (who has completed the Nazjatar starting quests, has WQs unlocked, and is wearing an Azsh’ari Stormsurger Cape), with no luck. But today I happened to be there on a Horde alt that had only just begun the zone (and was still looking for the scouts to rescue) and as I checked the cave the event had reset, i.e. waves of naga spawned and attacked me. BUT, Murloco was not in his cage (or anywhere), and when I completed killing all the mobs, his cage opened and closed of its own accord and no NPC appeared.

I rushed there on the Alli alt that had further progress, but the cave was empty :confused: