Multiple Quests Bugged -- Environment Interaction?

3 quests in Barrens are not functioning for me tonight:
The Angry Scytheclaws
The Stagnant Oasis

The variable that ties these together is having to click on something in the environment. Unfortunately, nothing I’ve tried results in the quests progressing – I can click on the feature, but I don’t get credit and the quest doesn’t move forward. Very weird bugs that appear to be tied together.

Ravenous Flayer Eggs also bugged.

QuestID: 10515

You can interact with the eggs and destroy them but don’t count to progress the quest.
yes, I’m not in raid.

Add a BUNCH of HFC quests to the list…

  • How to Serve Goblins - Cages are non interactive at all
  • Invasion Point: Annihilator - Clicking the Burning Legion Gate does not give credit
  • The Path of Glory - Using Draenei Holy Water on the skeletons does not give credit (skeletons do fade, however)

I gave up for the night past that. Something is definitely wrong game wide.


Thank you for the reports about this. There are several threads going about this and I wanted to take a moment to confirm that a new issue did pop up with patch 2.5.2 that affects many quests that involve clicking game objects to complete an objective. This issue prevents those objectives from being properly credited towards quest completion.

To resolve this, we are preparing a hotfix that we hope to have out very soon that should resolve many of the high-traffic quests in Burning Crusade content that we know are affected, but will not resolve every instance of this issue.

Following this, we are preparing another, larger systemic hotfix which we plan to apply with server restarts in the early morning tomorrow that should resolve any other remaining quest issues.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveneince, and we appreciate your patience as we work through this issue.

Thank you!


Fix didn’t work.