Multiboxing question

I have two accounts and alt-tab perform actions in the individual WoW clients all the time. I think this should still be fine? I’d prefer this to using a second computer while doing the same thing.

This is still fine. If people would stop and think for a minute instead of being stubborn and trying to do what they want to do instead of what is allowed, they will know exactly what Blizzard means and implies.


I’ve highlighted the two offending concepts. Alt-tabbing is using windows 10 to streamline multiboxing, so windows 10 is banned.

Second computer is being used to streamline multiboxing, so playing WoW on computers is banned.

Honestly get good. Don’t you have phones?

This is fine. Multiboxing is still allowed. What they banned was input multiplexing (broadcasting) where you use software to send a key press to multiple clients.


Looks like they updated it to clarify that hardware tools are also prohibited:

“Multiboxing, or playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once, is not a violation of our End User License Agreement. Please note, however, that use of all software or hardware mechanisms used to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multiboxing in any way may result in account penalties.”

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I don’t consider what you are doing multiboxing maybe there is some confusion over the terminology. Multiboxing to me was always making two or more accounts do simultaneous actions be pressing one keystroke.

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A lot more broad than just “mirroring keystrokes”

Holy crow.

Uhhh … no. Multiboxing simply means the same person playing more than one account at the same time. What you’re referring to is input multiplexing or input broadcasting. Many people who multibox have used software like ISBoxer that has input broadcasting functionality, but not everyone who multiboxes does that.

I understand what you are saying. What I am saying is that the average WoW player considers multiboxing to be what you are calling multiplexing and that terminology is what is causing the confusion.

The average players is not a part of your little niche community. When we see 5 shamans blow us up all at once that is multiboxing to us.

Yea, the whole streamline statement is whats got me worried

Like, i’ve gotten real good at alt tabbing and hitting keybinds, but thats as far as I’m going so I’m sure thats within the bounds. However…

I know friends who have gotten hit with false positives in the past

Yeah. A lot of people do. I can 5 box right now with no software at all, but you would probably still think I was using software because of how quickly I’m doing it.

That’s my fear, is that Blizzard will see me doing this and conclude I must be using software or hardware when infact I’m using WoW only.


Okay, sure, but if people are going to get pissed off about something then maybe they should learn more about what it is they’re actually upset about instead of shouting bAn mUlTiBoXiNg and just throwing blanket hate at it. There are plenty of people multiboxing who aren’t PvP trolling with 5 Mages using now banned software, lol.

Well I’m sorry that your hobby had to suffer because some people abused it but to expect human beings not to get mad about anything seems a little unreasonable to me.

Well, I’m sorry you don’t know how to read because that’s not what I said, lol. I said people who get upset should learn what it is they’re upset about; didn’t say I expected people not to get pissed. :laughing:

I read what you said. You said people should learn about multiboxing before throwing blanket hate against it. People throw that blanket hate because multiboxers have been going into bgs and arenas since Vanilla and blowing people up.

Personally it never bothered me much. I played through Pandas and didn’t see them often enough to be any more than a nuisance.

I think there would be some significant differences between using an automated system and manually controlling your toons. For example, I have a routine for my toons, where they all do the same thing, but the input is sequential, since I have to manually click through three windows to enter it. So there will never be simultaneous commands (with the exception of the in-game function “follow”). Also, where I run a path multiple times, it is not identical between runs, and I do make mistakes, like running into rocks or getting caught on invisible snags. I’m fairly certain that any examination of my keystrokes would quickly reveal that all toons are controlled manually, without automation or scripts.

Recently, Blizzard “banned” all four of my accts for what they claim was, "botting’ and use of “illegal soft”. Of course I was angry, frustrated, and stunned.
I did my best to rationally think this through, knowing I did nothing wrong. This is what I determined happened:
I have four individual accts under one acct. (big mistake - don’t do this)
Three of these accts are currently “active”, one is not active. A total of 13 active toons in all.
Blizzard banned all four of my accts for the aforementioned, “botting” and/or using “illegal software”!
After familiarizing myself with terms like, “botting” and “multiboxing” I feel I know what actually occurred in my situation:

a) Soon after the launch of TBC, during all the “character shuffling” from WoW Classic. Overnight, my servers character population exploded. Soon there after, I noticed I had problems logging into my accts and unable to see any characters from my other accts.
I thought, Blizzard is “Layering” on my server. Well this situation was so bad I opened a ticket requesting Blizz to fix the problem (I remembered Blizz doing this in Classic).
In my ticket, I also inquired if Blizz was “layering on my server”, no response.
Also, this key to my case; in my haste and irritation to fix the “layering issue”, I used
term phrases like, “I can’t see characters on my other accts” and, “I can’t interact w/
characters on my other accts”. Blizz used these statements to conclude I was “botting”
and/or using “illegal software”! Because soon thereafter, I logged into two of my accts
(one character from each acct) to complete some quests and upgrade gear on my low level toon. The only I was guilty of in this matter was, “multiboxing” and from what I read, “multiboxing” is not an offense. This was it!

My conclusion pertaining to this “banned” situation w/ Blizzard:
a) Blizz is like the government, all powerful, never making any mistakes.
b) Blizz claimed they reviewed my case three times and concluded I was “botting”
c) I don’t believe for a minute, Blizz satisfactorily reviewed what transpired in this
situation. Because if they did do diligence in this matter, they would have seen I was
only “multiboxing” and that is not an offense in WoW.

I’ve played WoW since 05’, and have never been suspended for any illegal activities.
I have never used macros and only load acceptable addons like, Questie, Mapster, etc.
I’m a solo player, w/ my own guilds and only group stuff when necessary.

No, they do make mistakes, that’s what the appeal is for. I guess you missed the whole ConsolePort ban that happened a month or so ago. Blizzard admitted their mistake and reverse the suspensions.

I learned a long time ago, on these forums, never take anything said by a player at face value.

Yes, Multiboxing is not an offense, but using keystroke cloning and ANYthing that can streamline the process (including outside macros) is verboten.

Rabidwulf, Thanks for the response. The only thing I do while multiboxing is, alt/tab and I’m very good at it.

Do you have ANYTHING running in the background while playing? Check your processes. I remember one guy got tagged, it turned out he a port tracer and a debugger running.