Multiboxing Clarification on Software VS Hardware

So I understand that using software to send broadcasting keystrokes are now violations in the ToA, however, using a KVM switch will not violate this correct as it is a hardware piece? Want to make sure I’m not getting banned for something that was never outlined.

If you press one button and it sends out to more than one client at a time it is using broadcasting software.

Blizzard is not gonna confirm or deny the use of hardware to do what you want to do. Do so at your own risk.

We are talking about hardware, no software is involved. You might want to brush up on KVM switches and wireless devices.


A KVM switch is a physical piece of equipment that you connect you keyboard and mouse too. It isn’t a piece of software. So banning a KVM switch is like banning everyone for just simply using a mouse/keyboard in general.

Plus, a KVM doesn’t broadcast keystrokes.

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KVM software like synergy should also be fine as well using that logic, they can only focus on one client/screen at a time.

Currently not a violation. Would I invest in hardware to do this in the belief they would never expand the restrictions? No.

I would look/talk to some eve multiboxers to get ideas. It seems their multiboxing policy is very similar to WoW’s. Your not going to get a straight yes/no answer to your question.

I use EVE-O Preview and it allows the player to click on the different windows. It is like a cut down version of the windows 10 aero though a player can position the windows along with the window size of each game client without the need to manually do that function each time as it remembers the window settings.

It is like what Innerspace allowed a player to do by setting up the windows for them.