Multiboxer Arcane Mages in 20-29 bracket

First off, I just want to say this isn’t a rant, I’m used to twinks in 20-29 bracket. I level alot of alts in BG’s.

I’ve had alot of games recently with a 3 arcane mage multiboxer twink. They just ruin everybody instantly, and I haven’t won a single game against them.

Can anyone recommend any strategies other than just trying to cc them? It’s demoralizing just to se their name on the roster at the start of a bg cause you just know you’re going to lose.


Yep cook :cucumber:

It is quite hard to effectively multibox in a bg. Moving around in sync is nearly impossible since Blizz blocked following in BGs, so unless you are talking about someone camping WSG flag room, just avoid the area they are set up.

If they are camping the gy, go to the other side of the spawn. If they are camping the flag room… that’s going to be hard to crack. From my experience as the multiboxing arcane mages in WSG, the only way to get by them is to have three or more people going for the flag at the same time, and all with sprint. Send in the beefiest players you can first, then the druid / flag runner. By the time the mages have taken down the first two, or targeted the actual runner, you are out of los and are home free. Moving all of them is nearly impossible, so don’t expect them to chase you down with any more than 1 of their characters.

Now… if you are facing 3 coordinated players controlling individual arcane mages… There is no hope.

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Wait a few minutes before queueing again.

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If it comes down to it, you may just have to quest to power level your character above that bracket. Hopefully, it will spare you some time dealing with them.

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The way I see them work is they move around the same in like a triangle, and then the middle one mounts up on a 3 seater mount and the other two hop on simultaneously. I haven’t seen them run into any sort of trouble movement wise. Of course they are always on top of dps and KB count. They are quite effective. :frowning:

If they’re really twinks, they’re exploiting if they don’t level up. But even 1 arcane mage is so OP at that level that they can be a problem.

You can’t /follow in bgs at all, and you can’t play multiple characters that are at different locations at the same time.

I think there’s a hardware substitute for /follow, but I’m not spending money on it so I haven’t investigated.

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I think they’re playing on starter edition accounts, so they don’t have to turn xp off, but they can still que with everyone else.

It’s probably a veteran account. A starter account can’t earn enough gold to buy gear or enchants, can’t trade, can’t use the AH, can’t get mail. Starting a level 20 twink on a new account, gearing it up, and then letting it expire is how those work.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I meant. :stuck_out_tongue: Should have said expired sub accounts.

Hey uhh. Here is a tip just cc them. It totally unravels the mutliboxing. Go howl of terror or sum

We’ve been trying to do that, just sucks when you can’t even get close enough to them cause anyone that comes in range is dead in 3 seconds.

It’s too bad this isn’t the 40s bracket. If it were you could go in with an engineer priest and constantly make trouble for him between Psychic Scream, Mind Control, and Gnomish Mind Control Cap. Psych Scream → Mind control cap one, Mind Control second, run him off a ledge → mind control third, throw off different ledge. It’s harder to recover from characters being scattered than it is from them all being killed.

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Low level BG’s have always been a mess of Twinks and multiboxxers. Honestly PvP is the worst way to level right now.

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