Multi Classer LF Raiding guild (Plz read)

Hello all. I am a former Hardcore raider with 5 kids and a full time job. I work a rotating overnight shift 7pm-7am Central time zone.
Week 1 I work Mon,tues,friday,Sat
week 2 I work Sun,wed,thurs
then back to week 1 over and over

If im not working I will ALWAYS be at raid. also willing to consider a day raid team. anytime between 1-5pm Central

I can Tank, Heal, DPS you let me know the class ill get the class geared. Healing on my shaman is currently preferred but im willing to do any role for a raid spot.

I know the schedule is funky but real life is what it is right now. thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hey there, my guild has a funky raid time that may fit your funky schedule. We raid Sat/Sun 2-5 PM EST. I’ll post our information below, if you’re interested feel free to reach out!